Competitive Series Rules

The 2021/2022 OCF Competitive Series Rules.

These rules are based on the most recent IFSC/CEC rules, with modifications to cover Ontario-specific practices. These rules will be followed at all OCF Competitive Series events.

Athletes and Coaches should review the rules before their first competition of the season. Technical meetings at competitions will focus only on deviations from these rules.

* Coaches are encouraged to know the rules well enough to file a proper appeal and explain important aspects to their athletes and parents.

* Athletes should understand all of section 10 (General Rules), and all of the climbing procedures for each discipline they will participate in.

* Parents may be interested in reviewing how judging and scoring is done and should also understand rules relating to spectator conduct in Section 10.

* Judges must know the rules, in particular section 10 and the climbing procedures for the discipline(s) they are judging.

If you have questions about the rules, please don’t hesitate to contact us at