Youth D/CB Bouldering Provincial Championships – Preliminary Information

The list of Youth B athletes who have qualified to compete at D/C/B Provincial Bouldering Championships is provided at the bottom of this post. Congratulations to all! 

The list of Youth D and Youth C athletes qualified to compete at Provincials will be published after the second Local at The Core on November 23/24. 


Registration can be completed here. The registration deadline is Tuesday, December 3rd at 5:00pm.  


Saturday, December 7 & Sunday, December 8, 2019  


Qualification round (ISO format, 5-on-5-off)

Finals round (top 6 in each category, ISO format, 5-on-5-off) 


Coyote Rock Gym 
1737B St Laurent Boulevard 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1G 3V4 

Provisional schedule: 

Saturday, December 7, 2019 – qualification rounds for all categories 

Sunday, December 8, 2019 – final rounds for all categories 

A more detailed provisional schedule will be posted along with the list of qualified Youth D & C athletes after November 24th. The final schedule and running orders will be posted on Wednesday, December 4th, after registration closes.  

Important reminders: 

Gym Waivers:  Please complete your waiver in advance of the competition to help make registration on the day of the comp as smooth as possible. 

Qualified athletes: 

Eligibility for Provincial Championships is covered in Section 6 of our Rules.  

In summary: 

  • to be eligible, an athlete must be an Ontario resident (regardless of citizenship) 
  • for youth categories: top twenty (20) eligible athletes  
  • the top 20 rankings are based on each athlete’s single best result at a local competition in the discipline 
  • in ranking the top 20, we adjust results from each local to exclude the results of non-resident athletes 
  • if there is a tie for 20th, all athletes tied for the final spot are eligible 
  • if an eligible athlete chooses not compete, we do not invite additional athletes