Youth Boulder Nationals 2020

Youth Boulder Nationals 2020 is this weekend at The Hive in Vancouver. Over 50 Ontario athletes from Youth B, Youth A and Junior are scheduled to compete.

Where to find info (schedules, running orders):

The Hive’s event page

CEC Facebook

We will also endeavour to post/repost new information on our social media feeds.
Please make sure to check the schedule carefully and be on time for ISO. Athletes will not be allowed into ISO if they arrive late.


All athletes need to sign a waiver for The Hive:

Athlete registration:

The OCF will register all athletes during “registration” on Friday. We will distribute athlete bibs to coaches and independent athletes as you arrive for the 7pm Technical Meeting on Friday night. If you need to make alternate arrangements, please contact us at

Coach registration:

Any coach that has an active CEC membership can file an appeal at YBN. Only coaches with an active membership and a CEC coach badge with a YBN event sticker can access ISO.

We have submitted a list of OCF coaches attending YBN and wanting ISO access. You will need to register with the CEC as you arrive for the technical meeting on Friday or when you enter ISO (if you’re not there on Friday night). Please remember to bring your CEC coaching badge (note this is different from your OCF badge). If you do not have a CEC badge, you will receive one when you register. As with previous CEC events this year, coaches will receive an event sticker to put on their badge, indicating they have ISO privileges for the event.