“We’re New”

This organization was established in 2010, and incorporated in 2011. We have seen an amazing growth in competitive youth climbing in Ontario since that time. However, the reality is that we are a relatively new organization, run by a committed group of volunteers. We are constantly learning how to do provide the best possible service to the Ontario competitive climbing community.

Unfortunately, we made a few mistakes while we were calculating the final Youth Series Points at the end of our recent Difficulty Provincial Championships. One of those mistakes was immediately noticed by a competitor from True North, who in an inspiring display of true integrity, pointed out that she was being given a Series award that she had not earned. The other mistakes were not noticed until later that evening, long after the competition venue was closed. Since that time we have carefully reviewed the calculation of Series Points and are happy to announce the actual medalists at this time. All six athletes who were directly effected by this situation have been contacted personally, and we have already delivered all of the appropriate prizes to the proper winners.

We have also taken steps to improve our practices in this area, and we are confident that this type of mistake will not happen again.

The final, correct series results can be found here.


Tim Vince

OCF Chair