Updated Competition and Series Rules for the 2013/14 Season

All competitions will be conducted according to the 2013/14 National Rules and Regulations: 2013-2014 Canadian Rules and Regulations – Final 2013 10 22.

Some of our Series Rules have been changed since last season. The updated rules have been posted to our web site at https://www.climbontario.ca/u20-series-rules/ with the modified rules marked with an asterisk. Here is a summary of which rules were changed, and the reasons why.

1 The Series: reduced from 4 bouldering locals and 4 difficulty locals to 3 of each. This was done in response to feedback from members that the series was too long, and many competitors were skipping comps as a result. The intent is to have most series competitors attend most comps in the series.

3 Proof of Birth Date: We now require that proof of birth date be shown to an OCF Board Member as a prerequisite to placing a competitor in their category. Without this proof, a competitor may climb, but they will not appear in the results, and will not earn any series points. There is no longer a grace period. This change was made to ensure that every competitor competes in the correct age category, and that series points are always distributed correctly. This change is related to the change to Rule 6a).

5 Non-members: Non-members are no longer eligible to participate at the Provincial Championships. The board decided that while in general we welcome everyone to our competitions, the Provincial Championships in each discipline should be reserved for those who have competed all season and bought series memberships.

6a) Series Points: Last season the series points for each competition were allocated without including non-members in the standings. For example, if a non-member finished in second place at a competition, the member finishing third would be awarded second-place points. This has been changed for the coming season such that every competitor will be awarded the points for the position they finish in, regardless of the membership status of other competitors. The board decided this more appropriately recognizes each competitor’s performance.

8 Series Rankings: Last season a competitor’s top 4 comps counted towards their series total. This season the top 5 comps count (including at least one from each discipline, as before). The board decided that this rewards sustained performance, and together with the reduced number of local comps, reduces the potential for 2 climbers to avoid each other much of the season and each rack up top points at most of the comps counting toward their series totals.

13b) Provincial Championships: As stated above regarding rule 5, only series members are eligible for the 2 Provincial Championships.