Up Next: Difficulty & Speed Season!

We look forward to seeing you soon for our Difficulty and Speed season. 

Please note: The schedule has changed for C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local #2 (Date and Location) and for Difficulty Provincials (Date). We apologize for any inconvenience these changes cause, but they were necessary to ensure the season could go ahead.  

Please also note that all athletes require a new waiver under Rowan’s Law: 
All competitors must review the Ontario Government’s concussion safety booklet and all competitors (or their parents/guardians) must sign a Concussion Code of Conduct/ Waiver before registering for your next competition. Rowan’s Law was introduced by the Government of Ontario in order to improve concussion safety for amateur athletes in Ontario. 
Athletes 10 and under: 

Athletes 11 to 14: 

Athletes 15 and up: 

Here is the Difficulty & Speed season schedule: 

E/D Difficulty Local #1 
Aspire Climbing 
February 8 
C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local #1 
Aspire Climbing 
February 29/ March 1 
E/D Difficulty Local #2 
True North 
March 7 
C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local #2 
Boulderz Etobicoke 
March 28/29 
Saturday: A/Jr/Open + Youth B Female 
Sunday: Youth B Male and Youth C 
D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Provincials 
April 18/19 
Hub Climbing Mississauga 

D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Speed Local 

Hub Climbing Mississauga 
February 23 

D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Speed Provincials 

Hub Climbing Mississauga 
March 8 

Register at https://member.climbontario.ca

Please see our website (under the Competitive Series tab) for information on age categories, formats and rules, as well as registration requirements for competitors and coaches. 
We are grateful for the support of our host gyms. Thank you to our Difficulty and Speed season hosts: Aspire Climbing, Hub Climbing, True North and Boulderz. They make our season possible! 

As always, please contact us at  info@climbontario.ca  if you have any questions.