Send Us Your Feedback And Suggestions!

The OCF board will soon get back to work planning our 2014/2015 season. This includes reviewing our Series Rules, as well as deciding on the number and format of local competitions in each discipline (Bouldering and Difficulty). The upcoming season will be the first to have national competitions in both Bouldering and Difficulty. We invite our members to offer feedback on the past season and thoughts on what they would like to see in the upcoming season. Let us know what went well and what could be better. Constructive criticism and actionable suggestions are most welcome. We will consider all feedback, and take it into consideration as we put the plans together for 2014/2015. Please send your input to, or, as always, talk to any of the members of the Board of Directors. Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 19th; feedback received well before then will give us time to absorb and digest all ideas.

In the fall, we will be looking for lots of help running our competitions, including judges, belayers and other volunteers. We will again be offering Judging Clinics to help everyone learn how to judge, or to refine their judging skills. Our sport requires a lot of bodies to stage a successful competition, and some formats of competition require more help than others, so please consider helping out at at least one competition.