Schedule, Running Order & Final Reminders: E/D/C Boulder Local #2 at The Core Climbing Gym

Saturday November 23rd: Youth D & E  
Sunday November 24th: Youth C  

The Final Schedule and the Running Order for Sunday are now available (see bottom of this post). 


The Core Climbing Gym  
500 Jamieson Parkway  
Cambridge, Ontario  

Gym Waivers: 

Participants and spectators must complete gym waivers. The Core Climbing Gym waiver can be found  here.  

Please make sure to complete your waiver BEFORE you arrive for the competition. 

First Time Competitors: 

First-time competitors must show proof of birth date and citizenship before the first competition. Please send your documentation by email to  (preferable to avoid delays at check-in) or bring your ID to the competition. Here are the  full details  of these requirements. 


Coaches must complete the 2019/2020 coach requirements (OCF coach membership, signed Code of Conduct, and criminal record check) in order to receive OCF coaching privileges and an OCF Coach Badge. You will not be allowed to enter ISO and will not be eligible to file appeals if these requirements are not complete.   


We cannot run our competitions without the generous support of our volunteer judges. If you are able to help out, please  sign up. We appreciate your help and support! 

An isolation zone (ISO) will be in effect for the Youth C competition on Sunday:  

  • Once competitors enter ISO, they will not be permitted to leave until it is their turn to compete. Only competitors, coaches with OCF privileges and officials are allowed into ISO; parents are not permitted.  
  • Competitors and coaches are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside of ISO. Electronic communication devices (including Bluetooth devices) are not permitted in ISO.  
  • Once in the competition area, competitors may not communicate with anyone other than officials until they are finished competing. 
  • Parents, coaches and other supporters are encouraged to cheer for their climbers, but they cannot call out information or advice (referred to as “beta”) to a climber while they are competing (including during rest periods between their attempts). Examples of forbidden beta would include “Use the hold by your left foot,” “Breathe,” “Rest now,” or “Use the hold around the corner”.  

Schedule & Running Orders: 

The final schedule for the weekend is attached. 

Also attached is the running order the qualification round for Sunday’s Youth C competition. Please note that ALL YOUTH C COMPETITORS MUST BE CHECKED INTO ISO BY 8:30 AM ON SUNDAY, regardless of when you are scheduled to compete in the running order. To make your time in ISO as fun as possible, please bring sufficient food (snacks and a meal if you are later in the running order), warm clothes, non-electronic entertainment (books, cards, etc), maybe even a pillow or a blanket.   

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please contact us at  with any questions about the competition!