Running Order and Schedule for OCF Youth Onsight Bouldering Competition Saturday December 13th

Registration has closed for Saturday’s OCF Youth Local Onsight Bouldering comp at True North Climbing. Here is the running order and schedule for the day. Please be sure to arrive in plenty of time, so you/your child is in ISO before it closes for their category!


The first column (Event) shows when each category`s Isolation Zone opens and closes, as well as the timing of the Technical Briefings. The remaining columns show when each climbers starts on their first problem (a fair while after they went into Iso).

Here are some important things to remember:


If you have not visited True North Climbing, you must complete a facility waiver (including parents and spectators who go on the padded floor). All climbers UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN (18) must have their PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN sign the liability waiver (no exceptions). Waivers can be completed online in advance:

If this is your first OCF competition, you will need a completed OCF waiver form as well:

There is plenty of free parking right outside the door of the gym.

Gear & Stuff
Please try to limit the amount of gear and stuff you bring into ISO.
Keep your gear and stuff out of the way of climbers warming up in ISO.
Make sure you take your gear and stuff with you when you leave ISO.

Anyone is welcome to watch the event. Please do not take food or beverage (other than water) on the padded floors. Onsight comps are pressure-packed for competitors, and your support is very much appreciated. Spectators are encouraged to cheer enthusiastically for all athletes, but do NOT give any instructions/clues/hints/suggestions/beta/advice about any climb to any competitor at any time. Their job is to figure it out on their own. Please remember that each climber is considered to be in ISO until they have completed their last climb; no communication is permitted between competitors and their friends, families or coaches while they rest between climbs.

Focus your mind.
Climb your best.
Have fun!