Running Order and Schedule For OCF Youth Bouldering Provincials: Qualification Round

Here is the final schedule for Saturday’s Qualification Round of the Ontario Youth Bouldering Championships:

Gym Opens: 8:45am

D Category:
9:00: ISO Opens
9:30: ISO Closes/Technical Meeting
10:00: Climbing starts

C Category:
10:05: ISO Opens
10:35: ISO Closes/Technical Meeting
11:05: Climbing starts

B Category:
11:10: ISO Opens
12:10: ISO Closes/Technical Meeting
12:40: Climbing starts

A Category:
14:00: ISO Opens
14:45: ISO Closes/Technical Meeting
15:25: Climbing starts

Jr Category:
16:10: ISO Opens
16:40: ISO Closes/Technical Meeting
17:10: Climbing starts

ISO close times will be strictly enforced! Please plan to be at Boulderz Etobicoke well before the time when ISO closes for your category!

And the detailed Running Order is here: