Results – Speed Competition – May 11, 2019

Thanks to Hub Climbing for hosting our AGM and first OCF Speed Event!  We appreciate the hard work of all those involved  – volunteers, participants and officials. 

Congratulations to all of our podium finishers:

Youth C
🥇Emmanuel Derima🥇Jacqueline Ho
🥈Cole Macleod🥈Evangelina Briggs
🥉Nathan Seto🥉Sophie Diciacca
Youth B
🥇Tyson Guzman🥇Alexandra Smith
🥈Ian Tan🥈Heather Mutter
🥉Micky Geller🥉Tara Pjevic
Youth A
🥇Jeppe Hjermind Lund🥇Riley Galloway
🥈Jake Goodman🥈Lestine Pasion
🥉Mateo Guitard🥉Radka Klepoch
🥇Manh Ellis🥇Yinki Ying
🥈Griffyn Leyshon🥈Steph Svaikauskas
🥉Thomas Saab🥉Julia Bunko
🥇Cornelius Froese🥇Mei Nagasako
🥈Jack Wyett🥈Rachel Robson
🥉Yavar Afshari Kashanian