Results from Difficulty Provincials

The OCF held the Ontario Difficulty Provincial Championships on Sunday April 14th at Climber’s Rock to wrap up the OCF Youth Series. The top finishers in each category were:

Girls Youth D:

  1. Indiana Chapman
  2. Sonya Colliander
  3. Kate Bonnell

Boys Youth D:

  1. Emet Marrale
  2. Ethan Wyett
  3. Dries Di Rosa

Girls Youth C:

  1. Catharine Carkner
  2. Kate Hunker
  3. Maude Lantier

Boys Youth C:

  1. Zach Richardson
  2. Mitchell Haight
  3. Sam Bonnell

Girls Youth B:

  1. Justine McCarney
  2. Beth Vince
  3. Mika Mercey

Boys Youth B:

  1. Lucas Uchida
  2. Jack Wyett
  3. Rahul Sapra

Girls Youth A:

  1. Pia Graham
  2. Sasha Vince
  3. Esti Tweg

Boys Youth A:

  1. Nathan Smith
  2. Anthony Richard
  3. Philippe Thompson

Girls Junior:

  1. Iyma Lamarche
  2. Nicole Bollinger
  3. Louisa Murray-Bergquist

Boys Junior:

  1. Jean-Francois Reid
  2. Will Goodwin
  3. Tadek Baird

Full results can be found at

Series results will be posted soon.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success, and to Climber’s Rock for hosting!