Reminders for Bouldering Provincials

If you have not previously climbed at Altitude Kanata, you will need to sign a waiver before you can compete this weekend. A link to the waiver is below (there is no online version). Even if you have a current waiver at the Gatineau gym, you must complete a copy specifically for Kanata. Please download the form and bring a completed version with you on Saturday morning – it will make the sign in process at registration much quicker.


Athlete Entrance to ISO
Athletes may not enter through the main entrance. Please see the below map for the isolation entrance. 

Download (PDF, 7.57MB)

It is recommended to bring indoor shoes for while at the gym as outdoor boots will not be allowed in the gym.

Electronics in iso
A reminder to all of our athletes and coaches that wifi and/or data enabled electronics are NOT ALLOWED in iso. Please leave all of your electronics with your supporters OUTSIDE of iso.
Violations of this rule will be dealt with by the head judge.

Registration Deadline for Provincials
A reminder that the deadline for registering for Bouldering provincials is Tuesday, December 12th at 11:59pm. No exceptions will be made for anyone who misses this deadline.


The officials schedule can be found here