All memberships include voting privileges in the OCF, an opportunity to stand for election to the OCF Board, and a voice to help grow the sport of climbing across Ontario, Canada, and throughout the World. Memberships are valid from September 1 through August 31 for each competitive season.   

Below are the membership fees for the 2019-2020 season: 

Supporter  $20.00  This membership is for every parent, family member, and friend of a competitive climber who wants to support the growth of competitive climbing. 
Coach  $40.00  This membership is for Ontario coaches. In order to receive full coaching privileges at OCF competitions (including the right to receive a coach badge, enter Isolation Zones and file appeals), coaches are also required to sign a Coaches Code of Conduct and submit a clear Criminal Record Check. Further details on Coach Requirements are provided below. 
Competitive Athlete  $60.00  This membership is for Ontario athletes who want to compete in the OCF competitive series competitionsTo compete at CEC Events (Regionals and Nationals), you will also need to purchase a national licence through the CEC. 


A separate account is required for each type of membership. If you are both an Athlete and a Coach, you will require two accounts: one for each type of membership. 

Competition Fees 

Below are the fees for the 2019-2020 season: 

Local E/D (scramble)  $65.00 
Local C/B/A/Jr/Open (with finals)  $75.00 
Provincials  $100.00 


Local E/D (scramble)  $65.00 
Local C/B/A/Jr/Open (with finals)  $85.00 
Provincials  $125.00 
Local                                            $45.00 
Provincials  $60.00 


All OCF athletes and coaches must complete an OCF waiver (including parent signature for those under 18). The OCF waiver is available online through the registration system. You will also need to complete separate waivers for the host gym of each competition you attend. A CEC waiver must also be completed for any CEC event. 

Proof of Date of Birth and Citizenship 

To ensure competitors are placed in the correct age category, all competitors must show proof of birth date once in their competitive climbing career. Proof of birth date can be any government-issued ID such as a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport. 

All competitors must also show proof of citizenship once in their competitive climbing career. This is required in order to ensure appropriate quotas for Canadian citizens at provincial championships and beyond. This information must be kept current with any change in Canadian citizenship status. Please note that only passport, birth certificate, or citizenship card are valid proof of citizenship.  

Presenting the required identification can be performed at any OCF competition, or at any other time in person with a member of the OCF Board of Directors, or by emailing (personal information will be deleted once the required information has been confirmed). Competitors who have not shown proof of birth will not have their results included in any official results. 

OCF Coach Requirements 

To be recognized as an OCF Coach, an individual must: 

  1. Purchase aOCF Coach membership for the current competitive season 
  2. Sign an Coaches Code of Conduct – unchanged from 2018/19, no need to re-sign if a signed agreement is already on file 
  3. Submit a clear Criminal Record Check (NEW for 2019-2020, see below for full instructions*)  

These requirements apply to coaches who will attend OCF sanctioned competitions and wish to receive an OCF coach badge, be allowed to file appeals, and be permitted to enter ISO (i.e., be recognized as an “OCF Coach”). This policy does not cover coaches or staff hired by individual gyms; it is up to each gym to determine the appropriate certification and training for their coaching staff.  

Please note that coacheswho have not completed the above requirements will not be given an OCF Coach badge, will not be allowed into ISO, and will not be allowed to file appealsat any OCF sanctioned competition. 

*Criminal Record Check Instructions 

Coaches occupy a position of trust and authority with respect to the athletes under their care. In accordance with the recommendations of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the Coaching Association of Canada, the OCF requires that all individuals accredited as an OCF Coach must complete a Criminal Record Check. 

We will accept either: 

  1. An Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC); or 
  1. A Vulnerable Sector Check (VSS) 


  • Coaches younger than 18 are exempt from the requirement to provide a Criminal Record Check 
  • If you have completed a VSS/EPIC for your home gym dated within the past 5 years, please forward a copy to (the only copies we are accepting are from the gyms through which coaches are currently employed 
  • If you do not have a current VSS/EPIC, please choose one of the following options: 
  1. Complete an EPIC (Canadian Criminal Record Check with Local Police Informationthrough Sterling Backcheck. The OCF has partnered with Sterling Backcheck to provide an online option for criminal record screening (cost is $25 plus HST, takes less than 24 hours if applicant identification can be verified online). If you would like to use this option, please contact, and we will send you an invitation to perform a check through the system.  
  2. Complete a VSS by attending to your local police station, and submit a copy of the results to  
    • If the result of a Criminal Record Check is not “clear”, the OCF Board will review the applicant’s criminal record to determine if the recorded infraction is relevant to the coaching position and whether the applicant’s record shall prevent them from being certified as an OCF coach, and the decision of the Board will be final 
    • The results of all Criminal Record Checks will be kept confidential by the OCF Registrar and shared only with the OCF Board, in confidence and only on a need to know basis 
    • The OCF will require coaches to renew their criminal record checks every three (3) years or upon request 
    • For coaches using checks older than two years for this initial screen, we will require a re-check in 2020/21  
    • Coaches have an obligation to self-report to the OCF any changes to their criminal record between criminal record check renewals