Registration is now open for the 2019/2020 competitive season!

Welcome to all new and returning OCF Members!  

Registration for fall 2019 Boulder Local competitions is now open through our registration site:  

If you are a new member, you will need to create a new account and sign an OCF waiver before you can purchase a membership or register for competitions. You may also need to complete additional requirements as outlined on our website Registration page (proof of birth date and citizenship for athletes, and Coaches Code of Conduct and Criminal Record Check for coaches). 

If you are a returning member, your username and password will be unchanged. Please note that your username is not your email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it through the system. If you have forgotten your username, you will need to contact  

OCF Coaches: Please note that there are new requirements for coaches this year (OCF membership, signed Coaches Code of Conduct AND a Criminal Record Check). Please review these requirements carefully on our website Registration page. Coaches will not be given an OCF Coach badge, will not be allowed into ISO, and will not be allowed to file appeals at any OCF sanctioned competition unless they have completed these three requirements. 

Registration Deadline: Competition registration closes at 5pm the Tuesday before each competition (note the change in time from 11:59pm to 5:00pm). Please make sure to register on time to avoid disappointment. Late registrations will not be accepted (no exceptions). 

2019/2020 Season Reminders 

The schedule was published on August 24th and is available here. Competition formats, age categories and fees were also included in the August 24th update. They are repeated below for convenience. 

2019/2020 Competition Formats 

D/E Boulder Locals:     

  • Judged scramble comp (attempt problems in any order athlete wants) 
  • 8 problems to choose from, maximum 6 attempts per problem 
  • No video system (appeals only for scoring entry errors) 
  • 90 minutes climbing time 
  • E results not posted 

C/B/A/Jr/Open Boulder Locals & D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Provincials 

  • Judged IFSC Isolation style comp 
  • Qualifier round for each category is 5 problems, 5 on / 5 off 
  • Final round for each category is 4 problems, 5 on / 5 off (IFSC semi-final format) 
  • A/Jr/Open climb same boulders 
  • Quota to finals is 6 in each category 
  • All categories have finals, including at Locals 

D/E Difficulty Locals: 

  • Only top rope 
  • 4 routes, maximum 2 attempts per route, first attempt worth more than second attempt 
  • Random running order 
  • E results not posted 

C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Locals & D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Provincials 

  • Top rope for D&C, Lead for B-Open 
  • Qualifiers: 2 routes per category, flash format (no ISO), random running orders (staggered between the two routes) 
  • No semi-final round (including at Provincials) 
  • Finals are one route per category, on-sight (ISO) with preview, running orders last to first 
  • A/Jr/Open climb same routes 
  • Quota to finals is 8 in each category 
  • All categories have finals, including at Locals 

Complete, standalone OCF Rules will be published in September. 

2019/2020 Age Categories 

2019/2020 age categories can be found on our website under Age Categories. Athletes may progress from Locals to Provincials to Regionals to Nationals depending on their category.  

Category Locals Provincials Regionals Nationals 
Youth E    
Youth D   
Youth C  
Youth B, A, Jr, Open 

Full information on eligibility and quotas will be included in the OCF Rules that will be published in September. 

2019-2020 Memberships Fees 

Competitive athlete $ 60 
Coach $ 40 
Supporter $ 20 

(Memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 each year) 

(A separate account is required for each type of membership) 

2019-2020 Competition Fees: 

E/D Boulder Local (scramble, no finals) $65 
C/B/A/Jr/Open Boulder Local (with finals) $75 
Boulder Provincials $100 
E/D Difficulty Local (scramble, no finals) $65 
C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local (with finals) $85 
Difficulty Provincials $125 
Speed Local $45 
Speed Provincials $60