Qualification Process for Open Bouldering Nationals

The Ontario Climbing Federation and Climbing Escalade Canada have decided on a reasonable qualification process for 2019 Open Bouldering Nationals. The CEC has asked for a process that requires participation in PSO-organized events, and the OCF has demanded that the process be as accessible as possible, given the late announcement. We have agreed to the following:

Open athletes (born 2003 and earlier) must compete in at least one of the OCF Bouldering Locals or OCF Bouldering Provincials in order to qualify for Open Bouldering Nationals. There is no quota, so any athletes that compete- regardless of their final result or rank- can attend Open Bouldering Nationals.

A and JR age athletes are not required to register in the “Open” category for these Locals or Provincials. Participating in the A or JR category is enough to earn a spot at Open Bouldering Nationals.

Rules for Foreign Nationals are not yet completed, and we await a decision and announcement from the CEC. We have asked that any further policies be announced before our first local.

The OCF is in the process of building a long term Open ranking system for the 2019/2020 season that allows us to fairly qualify athletes for Nationals, while taking into account the competition formats that the OCF has supported for so many seasons.