Opportunity for Competitors to Give Back

ATTENTION :  A, Junior and Open Competitors
With the new format this season for Local Competitions this provides you a chance to “give back” and get involved in volunteering. This can be done at the local comps on Sundays when the younger age groups (B, C and D) are competing. You can also check off some of your *High School Volunteer Hours if that is something that will also help you!! (*Please bring the required forms that you need or requirements that are necessary with you so that we can help you achieve your volunteer hours easily)
Please see the information below with regards to a judging clinic that the OCF is running. If you want to judge you must have attended one of the judging clinics that we offer or have offered in the past prior to judging at a competition.
There are lots of other volunteer positions that are required if you do not want to judge. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity by emailing volunteers@climbontario.ca
 ******There is a judging clinic on Friday October 21rst at 7pm at The Hub Climbing Gym which will be run by Barry Dykeman one of the OCF’s very experienced Head Judges.  
The clinic is for new volunteers who would like to learn to judge — and hopefully able to help on Saturday or Sunday. The clinic will run from 7-9pm.  If you have already judged in the past and would like a “refresher” you are more than welcome to attend the clinic. 
Please email volunteers@climbontario.ca if you plan on attending so that we can keep track of numbers.