OCF Volunteers Needed

OCF Competition Committee

We have been working on mapping out what our next season, when safe, will look like and our work has expanded significantly. We are looking for volunteers to join our competition committee which has been tasked to design a return to competitions criteria, competition season (including a plan to manage our growth in the future) and COVID-19 safety protocols. We are looking for enthusiastic people who have experience and expertise in project management, organizing and leading a small group of volunteers, and developing plans and safety protocols. If you are passionate about competition climbing and you are interested in supporting us, please email us with a letter of interest at volunteer@climbontario.ca by Thursday, December 17th.

OCF Community Engagement Committee

Based on the survey that we conducted in fall, we heard some great activity ideas for engaging the community during the quiet times of no competitions. We are also looking for 2-3 volunteers for a community engagement committee that will design, develop and implement a couple of engagement opportunities between March and May of 2021. If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, you can email us a letter of interest at volunteer@climbontario.ca by Wednesday December 30th.