OCF Constitution and Policies

OCF Governance Policies

OCF-Gov-01: Constitution of the Ontario Climbing Federation

OCF-Gov-02: Membership Policy

OCF-Gov-03: Nominations Policy

OCF-Gov-04: Director’s Guide and Agreement

OCF Risk Management Policies

OCF-Risk-01: General Waiver

OCF-Risk-02: Emergency Action Plan

Committee Terms of Reference

OCF-TOR-01: Competition Committee Terms of Reference

OCF-TOR-02: Coaching Committee Terms of Reference

OCF-TOR-03: Route Setting Committee Terms of Reference

OCF-TOR-04: Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

OCF Administrative Policies

OCF-Admin-01: Confidentiality Policy

OCF-Admin-02: Conflict of Interest Policy

OCF-Admin-03: Privacy Policy

OCF-Admin-04: Concussion Management & Return to Play Policy

OCF-Admin-05: COVID-19 Protocol

OCF-Admin-06: Inclusion Policy

OCF-Admin-07: Harassment Policy

OCF-Admin-08: Anti-Doping Policy

OCF-Admin-09: Financial Management Policy

OCF-Admin-10: Refund Policy

Safe Sport Policies

Coach Code of Conduct