OCF Memberships Are Now Available

News Flash (Oct 23, 2012): Subsequent negotiations with the CEC have led to an agreement on combined OCF/CEC memberships! Details here: http://climbontario.ca/ocf-memberships/. The new agreement supersedes what is described below.

The OCF is now selling Competitive Youth Memberships for the 2012-2013 season as well as Supporter Memberships in the organization. We had hoped to establish a combined fee that included membership in both the OCF and the CEC. However, we have been unable to resolve all of the issues related to that goal in a timely manner.

Our memberships are now for sale online via our membership portal at http://my.climbontario.ca/membership.php.. The cost of the youth series membership remains at $30, the same as last season!

Every youth climber in Ontario is encouraged to participate fully in the OCF Youth Series by purchasing a Competitive Youth Membership soon.

Every youth climber in Ontario is welcome to compete at every OCF Youth Series local event. However, any competitor who does not have an OCF Competitive Youth Membership prior to registering for that event will be a charged a $5 single event ‘Recreational Participant’ fee for that competition.

Competitors who want to earn Youth Series points from the Peaks Fall Flashfest competition will be required to purchase an OCF Competitive Youth Membership by midnight October 31, 2012.