OCF Jury President (Head Judge) Certification Process and Call for Applications

The OCF has developed a certification process to allow experienced competition judges to apply to become a certified Jury President (Head Judge). The five step process is specified below. If you are an experienced competition judge and would like to be considered as a candidate for the Jury President certification program, please contact the OCF volunteer coordinator (volunteers@climbontario.ca) to express your interest. Please include a brief history of your judging experience.

1) Experienced Judges who would like to be a Jury President will need to apply. All interested parties should submit their application to the OCF volunteer coordinator (volunteers@climbontario.ca) and all applications will be reviewed by the OCF Board prior to submitting them to the program/JP certification committee

2) JP candidates must attend at least one judging clinic during the training term

3) JP candidates must shadow a Jury President for at least one OCF sanctioned competition of each discipline

4) Once step 3 has been completed, the JP candidate will act as the JP of a comp of each discipline with a certified JP supervising the candidate and being the official who receives the JP honorarium for the competition. (Note – In some circumstances, including consideration of the past experience of a JP candidate, this step may be skipped at the discretion of the JP certification committee and the OCF board).

5) It may take more than one OCF competitive series for a JP candidate to be able to meet the requirements for official JP certification. The JP certification committee in coordination with the OCF board will determine once all training requirements have been met and JP certification is achieved.
No one in the Jury President Training /Certification program will receive the JP honorarium until they are declared fully certified by the JP certification committee and the OCF board.