OCF Job Posting – IT System Administrator

Job Details
1-year contract position

Description and Responsibilities
The Ontario Climbing Federation (OCF) is seeking a skilled IT professional with experience both in IT Operations and basic Web Development to help maintain the OCF IT systems. The successful candidate will have a background in both building and maintaining web sites and/or web applications. In addition, the successful candidate will have experience operating multiple IT systems and be willing to offer guidance around their optimal use. They will manage existing OCF systems including CompSeason, ACA, CEC and OCF registration systems, the Climb Ontario website, and various social media platforms. The position requires that approximately 1-2 hours per week be put into maintaining these systems. Additional hours may also be required due to the seasonality of the OCF’s business.

● Experience with Cloud-based technologies such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Cloudfare, Google’s G Suite, and WordPress.
● System administration experience with Linux and Windows is essential. On-going system and server monitoring is required.
● Basic networking fundamentals including IP addressing, TCP/IP, DNS, VPC and NAT are required.
● Previous experience supporting, maintaining and updating CompSeason is an asset.
● Basic web design knowledge and experience is required. Sample technologies include but are not limited to HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, React, and AngularJS. Experience with the LAMP stack is preferred.
● Previous knowledge of the Stripe web-based payments platform is an asset.
● Basic software design, analysis, development, testing and implementation experience is an asset.
● Administration of all CompSeason events for the entire year.

Required Education and Soft Skills
● Relevant IT experience and/ or Post-secondary education in Computer Science or similar program.
● Good communication skills and ability to work independently.
● A positive attitude.

This is a one-year contract position starting Sep 1, 2020 and ending Aug 31, 2021. Compensation will be based both on a yearly stipend and an hourly rate for duties above and beyond normal system operations and maintenance. All work above the yearly stipend and subject to the hourly rate must be approved by the OCF board prior to commencing.

Application Deadline: 21 August 2020

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to board@climbontario.ca