OCF Formation

Ontario Climbing Federation
(August 2011)

OCF is a registered Ontario Not for Profit Corporation, and we are on our way to being a provincial sports organization.

We look forward to working with the climbing community in the coming 2011-2012 climbing season!
For more information or donations please email info@climbontario.ca

Ontario Climbing Federation
(February 10, 2011)

Competition Climbing Canada (CEC) indicated in late summer 2010 that the Executive board was in the process of writing a new Constitution. Their plans were a result of their intent to form a National Sport Organization (NSO). Part of the reason to form a NSO came out of the desire to access government funding for our athletes.

The CEC executive reached out to Provincial representatives to start forming Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs). As a result, volunteers were solicited in Ontario through open postings on www.u20climbing.com, verbal requests to all youth climbers/parents at local competitions and emails sent out to Ontario CEC members/climbing partners. A group of volunteers met in November 2010 and the Ontario Climbing Federation was formed.
Our mandate:

  • to organize competition climbing for youth and adults in Ontario
  • to sanction climbing competitions in Ontario and control the competition calendar
  • to be the Ontario member of the National Sport Organization which governs competitive climbing in Canada
  • to liaise with Ontario climbers and Competition Climbing Canada
  • to provide training for coaches, judges and route setters
  • to provide support for gyms hosting climbing competitions
  • to provide funds for Ontario climbers to attend National and International climbing competitions
  • to promote the sport of climbing

Next Steps:

  • establish a Constitution
  • become incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Ontario
  • assist True North Climbing in hosting the first Youth Provincial Climbing Championships in Ontario (April 2011)
  • fundraise for money to buy awards for the Provincial Championships (Cups, medals and ribbons)
  • to formalize our policies and procedures before the beginning of the next climbing season (August 2011)

For more information or donations please email info@climbontario.ca

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