OCF Difficulty Local #1 – Youth C/B/A/Jr/Open at Aspire Climbing

OCF Difficulty Local #1 – Youth C/B/A/Jr/Open at Aspire Climbing

The registration deadline for this weekend’s comp is tomorrow, Tuesday February 25 th at 5:00pm. Registration can be completed here:


Aspire Climbing has created an event page – https://www.aspireclimbing.ca/ocf-comp – where you can find helpful information, including instructions on parking at the event.

Categories & Dates:
Youth A/ Junior/ Open: Saturday February 29 th , 2020
Youth C/B: Sunday March 1 st , 2020

Aspire Climbing
104 Bronte St N, Unit 2
Milton, ON L9T 2N5

We cannot run our competitions without the generous support of our volunteer judges. Please signup to help at https://signup.com/go/ZYSkFVz. We appreciate your support!

Rules & Format:
For a summary of the comp format, please see https://www.climbontario.ca/ocf-series-competition-formats/. For full details, please see section 13 of our Rules: https://www.climbontario.ca/rules/.

Provisional schedule:
The final schedule and running orders will be posted on Wednesday February 26th , after registration closes.

Here is the provisional schedule for each day:

7:30am – Check-in/ Warm-up/ Preview Videos
8:25am – Judges’ Briefing
8:40am – Competitor Briefing
9:00am – Qualifiers start (both qualifier routes running simultaneously)
2:00pm (approx) – Qualifiers end
3:00pm (approx) – ISO opens for finals (1 hour after qualifiers are finished)
4:00pm (approx) – ISO closes
4:30pm (approx) – Finals begins (30 minutes after ISO closes)

The provisional schedule is subject to change (depends on # athletes registered), however the dates for each category (A/Jr/Open on Saturday and C/B on Sunday) will not change.

All participants and all spectators must complete gym waivers. The Aspire Climbing waiver can be found at https://www.aspireclimbing.ca/waiver. Please complete your waivers in advance, if at all possible, to reduce delays the day of the competition.

Please contact us at info@climbontario.ca with any questions!