OCF Bouldering Provincials

Saturday December 15th and Sunday December 16th

Altitude Gym Kanata

The Provincial Championship competition is a two-day event, with qualifiers on Saturday and finals on Sunday.



  • Qualification rounds: ISO format, 5 problems, 5-on-5-off. Competitors will be ranked by # Tops/ # Zones/ # Tops attempts/ # Zones attempts.
  • The top 8 athletes in each category after qualifiers will proceed to finals. As we have some non-Ontario athletes competing, we will take extra Ontario athletes, if necessary, so that a total of 8 Ontario athletes compete in finals in each category.
  • Finals: ISO format, 4 problems, 5-on-5-off. Competitors will be ranked by # Tops/ # Zones/ # Tops attempts/ # Zones attempts. Countback (to ranking from preceding round) will be used to break ties.

An Isolation Zone (ISO) will be in effect for all age categories:  Only competitors, coaches and officials are allowed into ISO; parents are not permitted. Competitors must be in ISO by the designated ISO close time and must stay in ISO until it is their turn to compete. Electronic communication devices are not allowed in ISO. Once in the competition area, competitors may not communicate with anyone other than officials until they are finished competing. Spectators can provide “You’ve got this” type of encouragement but they cannot provide any information or advice that would be considered coaching (i.e, no “use the green hold”, “there’s a hold around the corner”, “take a break”, “breathe”, “use a heel hook”).


On Saturday, afternoon ISO will be separate from morning ISO. Youth B and C athletes will be allowed in the competition area during the morning as long as they are in ISO by the designated close time. Coaches who have been on the competition floor in the morning are allowed to re-enter afternoon ISO provided they enter by the ISO close time.


We need volunteers to help make this event a success. Please sign up to help at http://signup.com/go/rvMamnc or contact our volunteer coordinator Laura at volunteer@climbontario.ca.


The final schedule and running orders will be published on Wednesday December 11th after registration closes.


Here is the provisional schedule for both days:

Download (PDF, 221KB)

Download (PDF, 219KB)