OCF Boulder Local #2 at Up The Bloc November 2 & 3, 2019

It will be another record setting weekend for climbing in Ontario, with 275 athletes registered for the comp!  

The provisional schedule  and running orders are  now available (see  bottom of this post).  


Up  The  Bloc  
1224 Dundas Rd. East, Unit #28  
Mississauga, Ontario  
L4Y 4A2  

If this is your first visit to Up The Bloc, please check the directions at https://www.upthebloc.com/find-us. GPS directions can be difficult to follow. 


  1. Athletes must be checked into ISO by 8:30am on their competition day.  
  2. For Saturday only, the Officials and Event Organizer have shortened  the break between qualifiers  and finals  from 2.5 hours to 2 hours (a deviation from section 11.10 e of our rules). The change  was made in order to keep the length of the day more manageable.  
  3. The running order for Saturday remains PROVISIONAL. The final running order will be posted by 9am on Saturday morning after check-in closes. If there are withdrawals or no-shows, we may adjust the running orders to remove gaps (shift athletes earlier, with overall order unchanged).  
  4. The time listed on the running orders is the “on-deck”  time.  
  5. Daylight Savings Time switches on Saturday night. Please enjoy an extra hour of sleep instead of arriving an hour earlier than you need to on Sunday! 


  • WAIVERS: All athletes and coaches must sign an Up The Bloc waiver.  Please do this before you arrive for check-in. 
  • ATHLETE DROP-OFF: Only athletes and coaches will be allowed into the gym during check-in. We ask parents to please drop their athletes at the front door.  
  • FIRST-TIME COMPETITORS: Please send us proof of birthdate and citizenship  before the competition. 


  • Doors will open for spectators after ISO closes at 8:30am.  
  • Spectators do not require waivers. 
  • If you’re coming to watch an athlete on Saturday, please check the final running orders that will be posted after check-in closes on Saturday. It’s possible an athlete’s start time will shift earlier (see important note #3 above). 

ISOLATION ZONE  Isolation will be very long for some athletes.  Please come prepared with sufficient  food, cozy clothes, non-electronic entertainment (books, cards, board games, homework?!),  maybe  even a  pillow or a  blanket.    

As with the Gravity comp, there will be designated  areas  for relaxing/ hanging out. Competitors should use the warmup areas  only  if  they  are  actively  warming up for the competition.  

JUDGES We cannot run the competition without the generous support of our volunteer judges.  Information on judging can be found here. Signup can be found here. Please consider helping out! 


Please contact us at  info@climbontario.ca  with any questions!  


Running Orders A/Jr/Open (SATURDAY) 
Running Orders B (SUNDAY)