OCF 2014/15 Policies For Registering Ontario Competitors For National Competitions

Climbing Escalade Canada (the CEC) recently announced the national policies governing eligibility for competing at National Championships:


The Ontario Climbing Federation Board of Directors has decided on the following policies for registering competitors from Ontario:
For Youth National Championships (Bouldering and Difficulty):
The climbers who finish in the top seven positions at the OCF Provincial Championship of that discipline will be invited to register for the National Championship. The final position will normally go to the 8th ranked climber, but the Board reserves the right to award that final spot to a climber who is unable to compete at the Provincial Championship due to illness, injury or other significant extenuating circumstances. It is expected that this “wild card” option would be very rarely used, and used at most once per category.
For Open National Championships (Bouldering and Difficulty):
CEC members who purchased their memberships through the OCF will be ranked based on their best single performance at a National Series event sanctioned in that discipline. Invitations will be issued to competitors based on rankings and continued until up to the quota has been filled. The quota (20 for Bouldering per gender, 8 for Difficulty per gender) will be filled by Canadian citizens who are Ontario residents. Proof of residency and citizenship will be required as part of the invitation process.
For Speed National Championships:
The CEC has decided that for the current season, there will be no requirement to qualify for Speed Nationals.