Minutes of September 18 2012 Meeting

Date:               On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

1. Attendance – Tim Vince, Sally Vince, John Gross, Jeff Whattam, Sheila Marks, Stephen Marks, Julia Bonnell, Lorraine Winger

Regrets – Liz Moffatt

2. Approval of previous minutes.

3. Purchase of supporter memberships by the Board – Jeff, Karen, John, Lorraine, Mark, Tim, Sally, Sheila, Stephen

4. Treasurer’s Report – $210 received via Paypal (minus fees) plus balance from last month which was approx. $600, so about $800

5. Report back from last meeting:

  • Series Schedule – Julia commented that it is a nice representation geographically; John commented that it is very important to get these dates out to everyone asap; Jeff thought we should at least get some of the dates out there, at least Peaks because it’s our fundraiser, maybe the first 2 or 3; Tim will contact Tracey tomorrow to post the first 3 comps on the web site as well, info that our online registration will be up and running soon
  • Series Rules – Tim to forward to Jeff for proofreading prior to posting on web site
  • Provincial Championships
  1. Bouldering:  finalizing location and date
  2. Difficulty:  some issues with finding a suitable location to host on the Sat. of Easter weekend; we will look into moving it to Apr.
  • Series Sponsors – Stephen will take the lead,  John can pass on his experience to Stephen
  • Series Poster – see mock up that Kellen sent – it was agreed on top left format with green background if possible; change name to Climb Ontario (rather than Ontario Climbing Federation)

6. Request to support the Toronto World Cup event. – Luigi sent a request to partner with the OCF on a fundraiser; We agreed that we would consider support depending on what is required.

7. Report from Chair on relationship with the CEC – Tim reported that he’s had a series of meetings with the CEC (with technical difficulties with Skype and conference calling).  He is attempting to get the CEC committee to agree to a fee structure that conforms to the model that the National Sport Policy requires – that members of the NSO are members of the PSOs or clubs around the country.  Tim shared his recommendations to the CEC.

The CEC committee is supposed to vote on provincial funding proposals by this Friday.

This means we need to hold off on posting our Series membership fee until we know how much we need to pay the CEC/member.  We have suspended the sale of Series memberships until this is decided.

8. Special General Meeting on October 14, 2012 – notice has been posted on OCF web site; it is a restricted agenda – we will only be conducting business in regards to some minor changes in the Constitution. Sally will work with Tim and email proposed amendments to the Board prior to the meeting

9. Peaks fundraiser competition on October 14, 2012 –

John brought up the idea of having another kind of fundraiser at the gym that day, (i.e. a Silent Auction, 50/50 draw)

Julia asked about sending out a mass email letting people know that the first comp is coming.  Tim will ask James about sending out an email through comp season.

Tim asked for people to volunteer as judges.  Lorraine sends her regrets but asked if there was anything she could do in advance.  Tim’s suggestion is that everyone work on getting prizes so that we have enough for every competitor.  Sally to send out sample donation request letter to Julia.

Sally to ask Andre if he could get a few things from his suppliers.  Sally can contact Evolve.  Julia will coordinate the fundraising efforts (she will be the point of contact for everyone else on the Board).  Sheila suggested contacting gyms that aren’t hosting comps, to donate prizes.

10. Any new business raised by the members in attendance.

HST – we are not required to collect HST; which also means we can’t apply for HST credit; we qualify as HST exempt because of our non profit status and because we generate less than $50,000 in revenue per year, we can choose to not collect and remit HST

Julia suggested we send information to all youth rec members at all the gyms inviting them to become ‘supporter’ members, and come out and try a comp.

Once schedule is finalized, Julia to contact gyms for a gym liaison.

James asked Tim about changing the set up in comp season for ‘supporter’ members.  At the PSO level we need to be able to distinguish between ‘supporter’ members that qualify at the provincial level as members, and those that don’t.  So, in comp season, there will be a data collection form and for supporter members, there will be options:  general supporter (i.e. fans – they won’t count towards our member numbers as a PSO), official (ISO monitor, scorer, judge, registration, videographer, Board/committee member), rec participant.  The computer program will have a checkbox where Sheila can acknowledge that she has seen proof of DOB.

Mike at Grand River Rocks has requested the OCF rules, CEC info. etc…

Judges:  Tim and Jeff did training at True North last week for bouldering judges and Jeff spoke to George Richard and Barry Dykeman about mentoring as a head judge.  Judges need to be informed about integrity (i.e. viewing and sharing scorecard info).

John has spoken with Andrew McBurney about having a youth setting clinic, run by Shaun Hunter and Andrew.

John will talk to Luigi about a judging clinic at Joe Rockhead’s before their TdB.

11. Next meeting (Tues. Oct. 23 – 6:15)

Suggested date for following meeting:  Sat. Nov. 24 – 1:00