Minutes of July 17 2012 Meeting

Ontario Climbing Federation Meeting
Tuesday July 17, 2012

In Attendance
Board Members: Tim Vince, Sally Vince, Julia Bonnell, Lorraine Winger, Liz Moffatt, Jeff Whattam, Stephen Marks, Sheila Marks, John Gross
Observing: Committee member Tracey Graham

1. Treasurer’s Report – $118.00 paid out for cost of renewing our web site domain name and hosting (for one year). We have about $600.00 in our account now. We need about $3000.00 to run the organization next season. Treasurer asked for permission to purchase cheques which cost around $100.00 (for 100 cheques). Board approved.

2. Youth Series scheduling – the board approved the separation of Bouldering and Difficulty for the coming season.

– We plan to encourage gyms to offer Speed events at Difficulty comps and we will award ribbons – these points would not count towards Series points

3. Web site – We plan to revamp the site and switch the underlying foundation from Joomla to WordPress (which is better understood by members of the board!).

4. Non Board members attending meetings (come as an observer, or presenter, or resource person). Observers give their input when asked but are not generally part of the Board discussions.

5. Series poster (do we want a series t-shirt?) – The group decided we would like a Series poster, not Series t-shirt. Kellen Tapley to work on a design for 2012-13.

6. Investigating Northern members (To become a provincial sport organization in Ontario we need to have a minimum of 200 members with a minimum representation of 25 in the North, 50 in the South, 50 in the East.

North is: the northern portion of the province including Parry Sound, North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and north
East is: from Peterborough east to Ottawa and north to Huntsville and Barry’s Bay (so Gravenhurst and Lindsay are East, but Orillia is South)
South is: GTA, south to Niagara and Windsor, north to Orillia and Owen Sound)
We have a connection just inside the Northern zone with some OCF members; they will pursue Northern & Eastern members ; we are still offering memberships as gifts. We need to promote our Series and have a membership drive. Our brochure will be ready for the Sweatfest finale and a flyer in every gym. An interim brochure will be printed and available. It will be updated with new schedule when ready.

7. Policies – we are working on the policies required to become a Provincial Sports Organization (PSO), plus some others.

This is what is needed to file to become a recognized PSO:

Certify coaches through a formal sport specific certification program that is either conducted through the NCCP or an equivalent program.
Certify officials through a formal sport specific certification program . An appropriate standard will be determined by comparison to other established certification programs for officials.

Has a Board approved :

  • Operational plan
  • Business plan or strategic plan (that includes a vision and mission statement)
  • Has objects relating to its sport: bylaws and Board approved operational policies
  • Has rules governing play and competition
  • Has a Board approved annual budget and year end financial statements
  • Has a Board approved Risk Management policy which must include but is not limited to:
    • Anti doping policy
    • Code of conduct for the board, athletes, officials and volunteers
    • Conflict of interest guidelines for the board and operations staff
    • Discipline policy with appeals procedure
    • Harassment policy

We are also working on a privacy policy and ethics and standards policy. There are some other Board documents that we are looking at such as a Board of Directors manual.

8. Areas of responsibility were discussed – we still need people to take care of media, marketing and route setting (another possibility is professional development).

Next meeting date: Sunday, August 19 – 2:00 p.m.