Minutes of August 19 2012 Meeting

Sunday, August 19 – 2:00 p.m

1. Attendance – Tim Vince, Sally Vince, John Gross, Jeff Whattam, Sheila Marks, Stephen Marks, Julia Bonnell
Regrets – Lorraine Winger, Liz Moffatt

2. Treasurer’s Report – no new income or expenses

3. Report back from last meeting:

– Brochure printed – Liz and John have printed and been handing out at McMaster and True North. Tim will ask James to print some for Cimber’s Rock Sweatfest and Tim will print for Peaks. Jeff suggested some go out to Gravity, Joe Rockhead’s TCA, Rock Oasis, Guelph, Grand River Rocks, Boiler Room, Rock and Chalk, Rock and Rope (Jeff will print and send 25 to each). Sally to get brochure from Tracey and send electronically to Jeff, James, Kellen, Andrew, Sheila

– Comments from harassment, ethics, discipline and anti-doping policies – Sally asked for this to be deferred until our schedule, series etc,. is all settled (maybe October, 2012) – note to include OCF logo in header on page 1 and footer should include page number and policy #

– Follow up re: series schedule/format – is affected by use of comp season –

Comp season – Discussion in regard to use of comp season registration system.

Tim to speak to James Richardson (owner).

Series schedule/format discussion in regard to comp scheduling, cooperatively with Tour de Bloc and # of comps in each discipline.

CEC will use our Provincial rankings to determine who qualifies for CEC Regionals (so, climbers will need an OCF series membership to be included in rankings).

New Business:

4. Comp fees: suggested $35 plus tax for members and non members pay a $5 day pass plus tax, except Tour de Bloc comps which are expected to be $45 plus tax. Supporter Memberships/day passes are $5 plus tax. Series memberships are $30 plus tax.

5. Sanctioning – Tim reported that the CEC has agreed that we are the sanctioning body in Ontario.

6. Gym requirements – deferred to next meeting.

7. Series rules

-John spoke to Eric Lachance of the FQME saying that we’d like to have a reciprocal agreement with the FQME to allow members to compete without having to buy a day pass. The FQME can’t do this because their members, including day pass purchasers have personal injury insurance. They cannot offer a reciprocal agreement until we offer the same thing to our members. Also, the FQME Series is for residents of Quebec (if they have two addresses, one in Quebec and one somewhere else, the athlete can only collect points in one series).

Note: Only OCF members who have an Ontario residence count as part of our Ministry requirements for provincial sport recognition.

We will allow non Ontario residents to purchase series memberships and compete for the Ontario cup. We could put * beside non Ontario residents in our rankings, to help CEC recognize that they are not Ontario residents.

Series rules updated.

Note: Comp organizer could send an email the day before the comp reminding competitors to bring proof of birth.

Ties at locals in our Series – try to resolve the ties by countback. Boulder redpoint is top 6 plus countback and Difficulty is top 4 plus countback.

8. OCF swag – next meeting or Oct.

9. Other Business

– Tour de Bloc co-operation – John suggests we offer judging clinics at the TdB events to try and build our pool of judges so that we will have qualified judges to judge adult events next season, and we offer to help provide judges at comps that aren’t part of the OCF series .

Special General meeting – needs to be moved (due to membership renewal date of Sept. 1) – Oct. date to be determined (Peaks comp)

September meeting date: Tues. Sept. 18/12 – 6 p.m. – membership renewals by all Board members. Friday Oct. 12 – (6:30 p.m.)