Looking forward to the first OCF local this weekend!

A few final reminders:

First time competitors: Bring your ID to validate DOB and Citizenship when you check in
Coaches: All 3 of the following requirements must be complete to attend the event as a Coach
All athletes and spectators
  • Sign Gym Waivers
  • Please recall the following rules regarding spectator behavior
    • Coaches and parents MAY NOT engage with a climber during the competition period.  
      •  In cases where there is a suspected injury, a coach may approach an official and ask to speak with their climber to determine if they have been hurt.
      •  Before, during climbing attempts, and during their rest periods, parents, coaches and other supporters are encouraged to cheer for the climbers, but they may NOT call out information or advice (referred to as BETA) to attempt to help the climber. Examples of forbidden beta would include “Use the hold by your left foot,” “Breathe,” “Rest now,” or “Use the hold around the corner”. Only competition officials may speak to climbers between the time they enter the isolation area and their climbing round is complete.