Invitation Process For Youth Bouldering Nationals

The OCF has completed its initial round of invitations to Youth Bouldering Nationals. 61 athletes were invited based on their performance at OCF Bouldering Provincials, and 57 of these have accepted. One athlete who was unable to attend OCF Bouldering Provincials has been granted an injury exemption by the CEC.

We are now in the secondary round of invitations. 3 athletes have been invited to attend based on spots left open by those who declined invitations, proceeding down the rankings from OCF Bouldering Provincials. We will continue this process until these 3 spots have been filled, and anticipate that being completed within the next few days.

It is possible that additional quota spots may be made available to Ontario athletes by other provinces. The CEC policy on this is posted at

This will not be clear until all other provinces have held their Provincial Bouldering Championships (Quebec and BC hold theirs on the weekend of January 31/February 1), and allow their invited athletes time to respond to invitations. Athletes who finished close to the 8th-place cut-off at OCF Bouldering Provincials should be prepared to respond quickly in early February should an invitation be offered, but there is no guarantee that there will be any additional spots made available.