Final Canada Cup Standings and Youth Team

Here are the final standings for the 2014 Youth Canada Cups, based on points earned from both Regionals and Nationals:

2013-14 CEC Canada Youth Cup National Team Standings Final 2014 05 25 (updated with minor corrections)

and here are the athletes named to the 2014 Canadian Youth National Climbing Team:

Youth B Girls:

Courtney Belleau (Speed)

Sophie Buitendyk (Lead)

Catharine Carkner (Lead)

Mika Hosoi (Lead)

Julia Massullo (Lead)

Elena Moss (Speed)


Youth B Boys:

Vincent Knesevitch (Lead & Speed)

Tristan Marsolais (Lead)

Hunter McLaughlin (Lead)

Guillaume Sirois (Lead)


Youth A Girls:

Maggy Dube (Speed)

Taylor Forsyth (Speed)

Becca Frangos (Lead)

Sara Frangos (Lead)

Catherine Kavelaars (Speed)

Audrey Larochelle (Speed)

Eva Thompson (Lead)

Beth Vince (Lead)


Youth A Boys:

Aaron Di Lallo (Speed)

Jacob Dorian (Speed)

Scott Eveleigh (Lead)

Jake Forsyth (Speed)

Charles Sirois (Lead)

Lucas Uchida (Lead)

Kiefer Van Den Bosch (Speed)

Simon Yamamoto (Lead)


Junior Girls:

Corinne Baril (Lead)

Pia Graham (Lead)

Skye Irwin (Speed)

Eve-Marie Landry (Lead)

Evelyna Trottier (Speed)

Alyssa Weber (Lead)


Junior Boys:

Francis Bilodeau (Lead & Speed)

Marc Eveleigh (Lead)

Tristen Gosselin (Speed)

Elan Jonas-McRae (Lead)

Nathan Leblanc (Speed)

Loick Martel-Magnan (Lead)

Robert Stewart-Patterson (Speed)