Eligibility and Qualifying Requirements

For full details please refer to our rules.

Athletes may progress from Locals to Provincials to Regionals to Nationals depending on their age category and other qualifying and eligibility criteria.   

Category  OCF 
Youth E  x
Youth D  x x
Youth C  x x x
Youth B, A, Jr & Open  x x x x

OCF Local Competitions

  • No restrictions, qualifying criteria, or quotas

OCF Provincial Championships

  • Only Ontario residents
  • Youth D and up
  • Quota and qualifying requirements for 2021/2022 to be announced

CEC Events

  • The CEC determines eligibility criteria for their events as well as the quotas allocated to each PTSO per category for Regionals (see http://climbingcanada.ca/en/competition/ for additional information)
  • The OCF will fill our quota for CEC Regionals with the top athletes in each category – ranking system for 2021/2022 to be announced

Note: When calculating rankings for Provincial Championships and CEC Events, results from Local competitions will be adjusted as if non-residents had not competed.