Difficulty Season off to a Great Start

Another great comp this past weekend in Hamilton!  Thanks to everyone involved – volunteers, judges, participants and our host gym, Gravity, for making it a success.

Hats off to Boulderz in Etobicoke for hosting the first D/E local on Feb 2nd and to everyone who contributed to that fantastic event.

Congratulations to all of our podium finishers:

Feb 2nd at Boulderz

Youth D
🥇Christian Chan 🥇Graciela Briggs
🥈Joshua Heckroodt 🥇Sara de Leon
🥈Jacob Galloway 🥉Mika Steinbachs
🥉Simon Chadwick 🥉Kiera Taylor
🥉Gabriella Beaumont
🥉Charlotte Richards

March 23/24 at Gravity

Youth C
🥇Cole MacLeod 🥇Evangelina Briggs
🥈Brody Rapkowski 🥈Jacqueline Ho
🥉Nathan Seto 🥉Taylor Galloway
Youth B
🥇Benjamin Tonnos 🥇Sydney Park
🥈Ian Tan 🥈Tara Pjevic
🥉Owen Clouston 🥉Mateja Vukojevic
Youth A
🥇Faolan Schaefer  🥇Indiana Chapman
🥈Colin Blythe 🥈Ruby Tennen
🥉Ethan Wyett 🥉Riley Galloway
🥇Manh Ellis 🥇Bea Evans
🥈Nikolas Alaves 🥈Cat Carkner
🥉David Gilbert 🥉Julia Bunko
🥇Rahul Sapra 🥇Lia Wieckowski
🥈Jake Tiger 🥈Elina Avramova
🥉Justin Martin 🥉Charle Prosser

See you this Saturday, March 30th at True North for D/E Local 2!