Difficulty Provincials: Running Order for Qualifiers

Registration/Check-in begins at 7:30am on Saturday April 5th at Grand River Rocks in Kitchener. Previews of qualifier routes and competitor briefings will begin at 8:30am.

Climbing starts at 9:00am for Qualifier Route 1. Running order Here.

Climbing starts at 1:00pm for Qualifier Route 2. Running order Here.

Note that the running orders have changed since first posted Thursday evening, due to one climber withdrawing, and a fifth route being added to Qualifier 1, which affects 4 categories.

All climbers must have a valid waiver for Grand River Rocks. Waiver form here.

All climbers in Junior, A and B categories must be lead certified at Grand River Rocks. If you are not already lead certified, either do so Friday if possible, or come in early on Saturday morning! Contact the gym to arrange a time.

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