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2020/2021 OCF Board of Directors:

OCF directors each serve a 2-year term, overlapping such that 2 or 3 of the directors’ terms expire each year. New directors are elected each spring at the Annual General Meeting. 

Sharon Vukojevic (Term ends May 31, 2021)

Sharon has been an active volunteer with the OCF for the past 6 years as a Judge, including as a Head Judge for the 2019 season. As a parent of two competition climbers, Sharon has a long-term interest in the further development of the Board and in playing an active role in the next evolution of the OCF and its athletes. Sharon is focused on the further development of our athletes to support them to compete at the highest levels possible. 

Elina Avramova (Term ends May 31, 2021)

Elina has been a competition climber in both Ontario and British Columbia. She has competed at the National level and has represented Canada internationally in Briancon, France in 2017. Outside of climbing, Elina works for a National non-for-profit organization in a portfolio coordination role. She has experience with planning and implementing events and programs while working in collaboration with staff and volunteers – all of which is extremely valuable to the OCF. Elina is very passionate about competition climbing and supporting all OCF athletes in their development.

Shaun Hunter (Term ends May 31, 2021)

Shaun started working in the climbing industry in 2005 when he began instructing youth in the recreational programs at Toronto Climbing Academy. In 2010, he moved to True North Climbing where he created the youth recreational and competitive programs. He was head coach for the youth competitive team and later became the head route setter in 2013. In the competition scene, Shaun has been involved countless times as a route setter, competition organizer, problem judge, and as an open competitor. As a route setter he has helped set over 25 competitions from the provincial to the national level. In 2017, Shaun was selected to be an Assistant Coach for the Canadian Youth National Team. Shaun also represented Canada at four World Cups in the 2015 season.

Jamie Galloway (Term ends May 31, 2022)

Jamie has been an active member of the climbing community since 2013. She has 3 children who compete Nationally and Internationally at a variety of OCF and USA Climbing competitions. Jamie has been a volunteer judge and belayer for the OCF and National events. She is a Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator working in a hospital setting. She has sat on a number of multidisciplinary committees related to the development of medical directives and recently the development of Provincial Guidelines for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. With a background in Cross Country Ski racing, Jamie has NCCP level 1 coaching certificate and previous coaching experience. She was actively involved in competitive Ultimate Frisbee for over 10 years and helped organize summer leagues as well as coaching in the youth program. Jamie is interested in helping develop our Ontario athletes and structure of our competitive series to enable top performance as well as growth and retention of the sport.

Davis Barton (Term ends May 31, 2022)

Davis has served on the OCF Board for the past two years, helping to launch initiatives such as written rules, training camps and long-term strategic planning. She was OCF Registrar in 2018-19 and OCF Chair for the 2019-2020 season. She has also volunteered as Technical Delegate at many OCF competitions over the past two years. An MBA graduate, Davis brings experience in operations, strategy and management from over 15 years in industry. She also brings Board experience in the non-profit sector, including on the Board of her local gymnastics club, where she was Treasurer and Secretary and involved with organizing competitions, events, volunteers and fundraising. Davis is relatively new to climbing, however this brings new perspectives to OCF discussions. As the mom of a Youth climber, she also brings a parent perspective to the Board.

2019/2021 OCF Chief Judge: Tim Vince

Tim is a retired police officer, and has been an active recreational climber since 2004. Tim was one of the founding members of the OCF, and has previously served as the OCF Chair, Vice-Chair, OCF Delegate to the CEC, as well as the OCF Series Tour Director. Tim has judged at hundreds of climbing competitions across Canada and the United States, as well as at the international level. Tim has been a lead official at many local, provincial, and national events. This past summer, Tim was one of the co-authors of our organization’s first stand-alone comprehensive rule book.

As Chief Judge, Tim will be responsible for co-ordinating the activities of all of the OCF officials for our Competitive Series, and will also provide advice and assistance to the Board on many rules related issues.

Tim can be contacted via email at

2019/2021 Routesetting Consultant: Dustin Curtis