About Competitive Climbing

There are 3 disciplines of climbing for which competitions are held around the world:

  • Bouldering
  • Difficulty / Roped Climbing (Lead Climbing for those Youth B and older, Top Rope for those Youth C and younger)
  • Speed

There is a hierarchy of organizations that govern and sanction competitions:

In Canada there are 4 levels of competition:

  • Local: Many local competitions are held across the country each year, mainly attracting climbers from nearby. These may be sanctioned by the CEC or the provincial/territorial sport organization if there is one. In Ontario, local comps are sanctioned by the OCF.
  • Provincial: In provinces that have established a provincial organization, there may be Provincial Championship(s) in one or more disciplines. In Ontario, the OCF organizes Provincial competitions for Bouldering, Difficulty and Speed.
  • Regional: CEC sanctioned competitions for Eastern and Western Canada.
  • National: the final competition for the best climbers across the country, leading to selection to the national team.