Competitive Climbing

Welcome to the fun and exciting world of competitive climbing!

The 2017/2018 climbing competition season is here, and the Ontario Climbing Federation wants to make sure that competitors and their families are well prepared. Please take the time to read through the OCF Athlete and Parent Information Booklet (2017-2018 series) to ensure that you are fully informed and ready for the upcoming climbing season.

There are 3 disciplines of climbing for which competitions are held around the world:

  • Bouldering
  • Difficulty (Roped climbing: Lead Climbing for those 14 and older, Top Rope for those under 14)
  • Speed

There is a hierarchy of organizations that govern and sanction competitions:

In Canada there are 4 levels of competition:

  • Local: many competitions across the country each year, mainly attracting climbers from nearby. These may be sanctioned by the CEC or the provincial organization if there is one. In Ontario, local comps are sanctioned by the OCF.
  • Provincial: in provinces that have established a provincial organization, there may be Provincial Championship(s) in one or more disciplines. In Ontario, the OCF organizes Provincial competitions for Bouldering and Difficulty.
  • National Series Events: These are held for both Bouldering and Difficulty for Adults (Open category) in each of BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, leading to the National Championships in each discipline. These are sanctioned by the CEC.
  • National: the final competition for the best climbers across the country, leading to selection to the national team.

There are 4 series of competitions currently active within Ontario:

  • The OCF Series for Youth climbers (under 20). This includes local comps and a provincial championship, and includes both Bouldering and Difficulty competitions.
  • The Tour de Bloc. This is a national series of bouldering competitions for both Youth and Adults