Who needs an OCF Coaching License? 

You must be an OCF certified Coach in order to coach athletes at OCF sanctioned competitions, training camps and events. Only OCF certified coaches are allowed to enter isolation zones (ISO) and file appeals at OCF sanctioned competitions. This policy does not cover coaches or staff hired by individual gyms; it is up to each gym to determine the appropriate certification and training for their coaching staff. 

2021/2022 OCF Coach Requirements

  1. OCF 2021/2022 Coach Membership
  2. Signed OCF Waiver, Concussion Acknowledgment and Code of Conduct
  3. Making Head Way in Sport – (FREE @ Link)
  4. CAC Safesport Training (FREE @ Link) OR Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders ($35 @ Link)
  5. Making Ethical Decisions ($75 @ Link)
  6. Criminal Record Check (EPIC or VSS)

Coaches may purchase their membership and complete waivers at

Proof of Making Headway, Safestport and Making Ethical Decisions training should be sent to

Criminal Record Check Instructions

Coaches occupy a position of trust and authority with respect to the athletes under their care. In accordance with the recommendations of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the Coaching Association of Canada, all individuals accredited as an OCF Coach must complete a Criminal Record Check. 

We will accept either: 

a) An Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC); or 

b) A Vulnerable Sector Check (VSS) 


● Coaches younger than 18 are exempt from the requirement to provide a Criminal Record Check.

● If you have a current EPIC or VSS (less than 3 years old) on file with the OCF and there are no changes to your criminal record, you don’t need to take any further action. 

● If you have a new EPIC or VSS to submit, please email it to or share it with us through the Sterling Backcheck system (search for “The Ontario Climbing Federation”). 

● If you need to complete a new check, please email, and we will send you an invitation to complete an EPIC through Sterling Backcheck. The check can be completed online, usually within 24 hours, at a cost of $25+tax. 

● If the result of a Criminal Record Check is not “clear”, the OCF Board will review the applicant’s criminal record to determine if the recorded infraction is relevant to the coaching position and whether the applicant’s record shall prevent them from being certified as an OCF coach, and the decision of the Board will be final. 

● The results of all Criminal Record Checks will be kept confidential by the OCF Registrar and shared only with the OCF Board, in confidence and only on a need to know basis. 

● The OCF will require coaches to renew their criminal record checks every three (3) years or upon request.

● Coaches have an obligation to self-report to the OCF any changes to their criminal record between criminal record check renewals.