Who’s Ready for Finals?

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Qualification Round today at Up The Bloc!

Today’s results are now available at https://compseason.com.

The top athletes in each category are advancing to the Finals Round tomorrow at Joe Rockhead’s (29 Fraser Avenue, Toronto). Please see the bottom of this post for a list of finalists.

Schedule for Finals Round

Gym opens for volunteers and Officials at 7:30am

Youth B Finalists:
– ISO opens at 8:00 am
– ISO closes at 8:30am (all Youth B finalists must be checked in by 8:30am)
– Climbing starts at 9:00am

Youth A, Junior and Adult:
– ISO opens at 10:30am
– ISO closes at 11:00am (all Youth A/Jr/Adult finalists must be checked in by 11:00am)
– Climbing starts at 11:30am

Format for Finals Round

Iso/Onsight format with 4 problems, 5 on / 5 off. Finalists will climb in reverse order of ranking, with the top ranked athlete after Qualification Round climbing last.


Room for spectators is limited. We are allowing two (2) spectators per Youth B athlete, and one (1) spectator per Youth A, Junior and Adult athlete.


There is NO free parking available at Joe Rockhead’s. Pay parking is available in the neighbourhood. Please read signage carefully. Many lots are reserved for specific businesses, and parking officers patrol frequently. We recommend parking in the green-highlighted areas marked on the map.


The quota to Finals depends on the number of competitive members in each category at the event (see our Rules section 11.12).

Adult Men (20) – top 6
Adult Women (4) – top 6
Junior Boys  (17) – top 6
Junior Girls (7) – top 6
Youth A Boys (24) – top 7
Youth A Girls (26) – top 8
Youth B Boys (27) – top 8
Youth B Girls (25) – top 7

Athletes above the marked line in each category are advancing to finals.