Registration is now open for the 2019/2020 competitive season!

Welcome to all new and returning OCF Members!  

Registration for fall 2019 Boulder Local competitions is now open through our registration site:  

If you are a new member, you will need to create a new account and sign an OCF waiver before you can purchase a membership or register for competitions. You may also need to complete additional requirements as outlined on our website Registration page (proof of birth date and citizenship for athletes, and Coaches Code of Conduct and Criminal Record Check for coaches). 

If you are a returning member, your username and password will be unchanged. Please note that your username is not your email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it through the system. If you have forgotten your username, you will need to contact  

OCF Coaches: Please note that there are new requirements for coaches this year (OCF membership, signed Coaches Code of Conduct AND a Criminal Record Check). Please review these requirements carefully on our website Registration page. Coaches will not be given an OCF Coach badge, will not be allowed into ISO, and will not be allowed to file appeals at any OCF sanctioned competition unless they have completed these three requirements. 

Registration Deadline: Competition registration closes at 5pm the Tuesday before each competition (note the change in time from 11:59pm to 5:00pm). Please make sure to register on time to avoid disappointment. Late registrations will not be accepted (no exceptions). 

2019/2020 Season Reminders 

The schedule was published on August 24th and is available here. Competition formats, age categories and fees were also included in the August 24th update. They are repeated below for convenience. 

2019/2020 Competition Formats 

D/E Boulder Locals:     

  • Judged scramble comp (attempt problems in any order athlete wants) 
  • 8 problems to choose from, maximum 6 attempts per problem 
  • No video system (appeals only for scoring entry errors) 
  • 90 minutes climbing time 
  • E results not posted 

C/B/A/Jr/Open Boulder Locals & D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Provincials 

  • Judged IFSC Isolation style comp 
  • Qualifier round for each category is 5 problems, 5 on / 5 off 
  • Final round for each category is 4 problems, 5 on / 5 off (IFSC semi-final format) 
  • A/Jr/Open climb same boulders 
  • Quota to finals is 6 in each category 
  • All categories have finals, including at Locals 

D/E Difficulty Locals: 

  • Only top rope 
  • 4 routes, maximum 2 attempts per route, first attempt worth more than second attempt 
  • Random running order 
  • E results not posted 

C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Locals & D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Provincials 

  • Top rope for D&C, Lead for B-Open 
  • Qualifiers: 2 routes per category, flash format (no ISO), random running orders (staggered between the two routes) 
  • No semi-final round (including at Provincials) 
  • Finals are one route per category, on-sight (ISO) with preview, running orders last to first 
  • A/Jr/Open climb same routes 
  • Quota to finals is 8 in each category 
  • All categories have finals, including at Locals 

Complete, standalone OCF Rules will be published in September. 

2019/2020 Age Categories 

2019/2020 age categories can be found on our website under Age Categories. Athletes may progress from Locals to Provincials to Regionals to Nationals depending on their category.  

Category Locals Provincials Regionals Nationals 
Youth E    
Youth D   
Youth C  
Youth B, A, Jr, Open 

Full information on eligibility and quotas will be included in the OCF Rules that will be published in September. 

2019-2020 Memberships Fees 

Competitive athlete $ 60 
Coach $ 40 
Supporter $ 20 

(Memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 each year) 

(A separate account is required for each type of membership) 

2019-2020 Competition Fees: 

E/D Boulder Local (scramble, no finals) $65 
C/B/A/Jr/Open Boulder Local (with finals) $75 
Boulder Provincials $100 
E/D Difficulty Local (scramble, no finals) $65 
C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local (with finals) $85 
Difficulty Provincials $125 
Speed Local $45 
Speed Provincials $60 

Call for applications

OCF Training Camp Coordinator/Coach

The OCF is seeking an Ontario coach to design and implement training camps for both the Bouldering and Difficulty seasons. Training camps offer an opportunity for athletes to learn, interact and become better competitors as well as prepare for regional and national events. 

Tentative 2019-2020 training camp dates are as follows:

  • Nov 30/Dec 1 – A/Jr/Open Boulder Training Camp
  • Jan 4/5 – C/B Boulder Training Camp
  • Apr 18/19 – C/B & A/Jr/Open Difficulty Training Camps

Launching the training camps will operate in two phases. Phase 1 is the design of a complete training camp plan. Phase 2 will be the execution of the camps. 

For Phase 1, the chosen applicant will be asked to develop a complete training camp plan which includes the following:

  • Full schedule including ideas such as:
    • Assessments;
    • Mock comp rounds;
    • Technical analysis;
    • Drills and exercises;
    • Mental workshops; and
    • Sessioning
  • Logistics
  • Budget

Compensation for Phase 1 will be an honorarium of $500.

If the OCF Board decides to proceed with Phase 2 (implementing the camps), the successful applicant will be hired to run the training camps and support the Ontario team at CEC events. Full job description and compensation for Phase 2 will be determined based on the plan and budget.

To apply for this position, an applicant must provide:

  • Resume including details of coaching experience, coaching certifications and any past experience with training camps;
  • Brief vision for the training camp(s)

Interested candidates are asked to submit their application to by Friday September 6, 2019.

2019/2020 Competitive Schedule


The OCF is pleased to announce the schedule and host gyms for our 2019-2020 Competitive Series:

Date Category Event Host Gym
Oct 5 A/Jr/Open Boulder Local #1 Gravity Niagara
Oct 6 B Boulder Local #1 Gravity Niagara
Oct 19 E/D Boulder Local #1 True North Climbing
Oct 20 C Boulder Local #1 True North Climbing
Nov 2 A/Jr/Open Boulder Local #2 Up The Bloc
Nov 3 B Boulder Local #2 Up The Bloc
Nov 16 A/Jr/Open Boulder Provincials Hub Climbing
Nov 23 E/D Boulder Local #2 The Core Climbing Gym
Nov 24 C Boulder Local #2 The Core Climbing Gym
Nov 30/Dec 1 A/Jr/Open Boulder Training
Dec 7/8 D/C/B Boulder Provincials Coyote Rock Gym
Dec 14/15 Open CEC Open Boulder Regionals TBD
Jan 4/5 C/B Boulder Training
Jan 11/12 Open CEC Open Boulder
Jan 25/26 C/B/A/Jr CEC Youth Boulder
Feb 8 E/D Difficulty Local #1 Aspire Climbing
Feb 15/16/17 B/A/Jr CEC Youth Boulder
Feb 23 D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Speed Local Hub Climbing
Feb 29 A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local #1 Aspire Climbing
March 1 C/B Difficulty Local #1 Aspire Climbing
March 7 E/D Difficulty Local #2 True North Climbing
March 8 D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Speed Provincials Hub Climbing
March 21 A/Jr/Open Difficulty Local #2 Gravity Hamilton
March 22 C/B Difficulty Local #2 Gravity Hamilton
April 4/5 D/C/B/A/Jr/Open Difficulty Provincials Hub Climbing
April 18/19 C/B & A/Jr/Open Difficulty Training
May 1/2/3 C/B/A/Jr/Open Lead/Speed
May 16/17/18 B/A/Jr/Open Lead/Speed

* Further details regarding training camps, including whether they will be proceeding, will be provided as soon as that information is available.

Results – Speed Competition – May 11, 2019

Thanks to Hub Climbing for hosting our AGM and first OCF Speed Event!  We appreciate the hard work of all those involved  – volunteers, participants and officials. 

Congratulations to all of our podium finishers:

Youth C
🥇Emmanuel Derima🥇Jacqueline Ho
🥈Cole Macleod🥈Evangelina Briggs
🥉Nathan Seto🥉Sophie Diciacca
Youth B
🥇Tyson Guzman🥇Alexandra Smith
🥈Ian Tan🥈Heather Mutter
🥉Micky Geller🥉Tara Pjevic
Youth A
🥇Jeppe Hjermind Lund🥇Riley Galloway
🥈Jake Goodman🥈Lestine Pasion
🥉Mateo Guitard🥉Radka Klepoch
🥇Manh Ellis🥇Yinki Ying
🥈Griffyn Leyshon🥈Steph Svaikauskas
🥉Thomas Saab🥉Julia Bunko
🥇Cornelius Froese🥇Mei Nagasako
🥈Jack Wyett🥈Rachel Robson
🥉Yavar Afshari Kashanian  

Details for Speed Event/AGM

We hope everyone will join us at Hub Mississauga this Saturday May 11th.

If you have not been to Hub Mississauga please complete the online waiver. Any first-time visitors will also also need to complete a facility orientation when you arrive at the Hub.

If you want to climb for the day, please keep in mind the following information:

Boulder – a complete bouldering orientation must be completed (if you have done this at Markham you will be good)

Top-Rope or Lead –  you must book a spot online  for a  test Saturday or in advance if possible (tests must be booked a minimum 24 hours in advance)

All members are welcome!

Provisional Schedule – Difficulty Provincials



7:30am – Check In/Lead Tests begin

9:00am – Qualifiers B, C, D Categories (Q1 & Q2 running simultaneously)

12:30pm – OCF Annual General Meeting

2:00pm – Qualifiers A, Jr, Open Categories (Q1 & Q2 running simultaneously)


8:00am – Iso Opens (Semi Finals)

9:00am – Iso Closes (Semi Finals)

9:30am – Semi Finals Start

2:30pm – Iso Opens (Finals)

3:30pm – Iso Closes (Finals)

4:00pm – Finals Start

Event & Overall Season Awards to follow once results are final


Running Orders and Schedule – Coyote

Below are the running orders and schedule for the second local competition of the 2016/2017 competition season at the Coyote Rock Gym. Good luck to all!


Open Women Running Order
Open Men Running Order

Junior Girls Running Order
Junior Boys Running Order

A Girls Running Order
A Boys Running Order

B Girls Running Order
B Boys Running Order

C Girls Running Order
C Boys Running Order

D Girls Running Order
D Boys Running Order