Provincials Eligibility

Registration is now open for Open, Junior, A & B eligible athletes for OCF Bouldering Provincials at Altitude Gym in Kanata, Ontario on December 15th/16th 2018.


Below are the lists of Junior, A & B athletes that are eligible to compete.
Eligible C and D athletes will be announced after the second C & D local.


Note: Invitations will NOT be issued to athletes. It is the athlete/parent’s responsibility to register for Provincials before the deadline of Tuesday, December 11th at 11:59 pm.

Registration can be completed here.

Any Open competitor is eligible to register to compete at OCF Bouldering Provincials, whether or not you have competed at a Local event.


As per our Rules:

  • the top twenty (20) eligible youth athletes in each category qualify to compete at Provincial Championships
  • to be eligible, an athlete must be an Ontario resident (regardless of citizenship)
  • the top 20 rankings are based on each athlete’s single best result at a local competition in that discipline


Please note that, in ranking the top 20, we have adjusted results from each local to exclude non-Ontario athletes.


Download (PDF, 68KB)

Download (PDF, 78KB)

Download (PDF, 90KB)


Schedule and Running Orders

Local 2 Open/JR/A & B – Up the Bloc Nov 17/18


Below are the schedule and running orders for this weekend.
Directions and important info about parking:


Up the Bloc,1224 Dundas Rd. East, Unit 28, is located at the back of the plaza (south west corner). From Dundas you will see a furniture store and Vision Electronics at the front of the plaza. See map below.
Please avoid parking directly in front of Kingdom Covenant Academy (Unit 26-27) as they have a tendency to double park. Extra parking is available on the east side of the building.


Download (PDF, 84KB)

OCF Open/JR/A and B Local 2 this Weekend

REMINDER:  The 2nd OCF Local Boulder Comp for Open/JR/A and B category is this weekend!

Saturday, November 17: Open, Junior and A athletes qualifiers

Sunday, November 18:  B Athletes and Final Round (Open/JR/A)

Registration closes on Tuesday, November 13th at 11:59 pm. There are NO registrations accepted past the cut-off.

Important Details about Up the Bloc Climbing Gym:

Location: 1224 Dundas St E Unit #28, Mississauga, ON

Waivers: Everyone entering the gym MUST sign a waiver,  including spectators. Minors need their waivers filled out by their parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be found online here:  



7:30am – Iso Opens – A, Jr & Open Categories
8:30am – Iso Closes – A Category
8:35am – Technical Meeting – A Category
9:00am – Climbing Starts – A Category Qualifiers
12:20pm – Iso Closes – Jr Category
12:25pm – Technical Meeting – Jr Category
12:50pm – Climbing Starts – Jr Category Qualifiers
2:30pm – Iso Closes – Open Category
2:35pm – Technical Meeting – Open Category
3:00pm – Climbing Starts – Open Category Qualifiers
4:55pm – Climbing Ends



7:30am – Iso Opens – B Category
8:30am – Iso Closes B Category
8:35am – Technical Meeting – B Category
9:00am – Climbing Starts – B Category
1:30pm – Iso Opens – A, Jr, & Open Finalists
2:30pm – Iso Closes – A, Jr & Open Finalists
2:40pm – Results, Awards – B Category
2:35pm – Technical Meeting – A, Jr & Open Finalists
3:30pm – Climbing Starts – A, Jr & Open Finals
6:00pm – Results, Awards – A, Jr & Open

Comp Recap

Another fantastic comp was held this past weekend – the first C/D/E Local!

Thanks to everyone involved – volunteers, judges, participants and host gym True North Climbing, for making it a success. Congratulations to all of our podium finishers:


D Female / Male
🥇 Adrienne Fraser / Christian Chan
🥈 Graciela Briggs / Nash Scharlach
🥉 Charlotte Richards / Michael Paramonau

Female / Male
🥇Taylor Galloway / Emmanuel Derima
🥈Evangelina Briggs / Cole MacLeod
🥉Sophie Diciacca / Nathan Seto

See you on Nov 17/18th at Up the Bloc for Open/JR/A, B Local 2!


Looking forward to the first C, D and E local this weekend!

A few final reminders:
First time competitors: Bring your ID to validate DOB and Citizenship when you check in
Coaches: All 3 of the following requirements must be complete to attend event as Coach
All athletes and spectators
  • Sign Gym Waivers
  •  For Sunday’s Iso Comp, please recall the following rules regarding spectator behaviour
    • Coaches and parents MAY NOT engage with a climber during the competition period.
      •  In cases where there is a suspected injury, a coach may approach an official and ask to speak with their climber to determine if they have been hurt.
      •  Before, during climbing attempts, and during their rest periods, parents, coaches and other supporters are encouraged to cheer for the climbers, but they may NOT call out information or advice (referred to as BETA) to attempt to help the climber. Examples of unpermitted beta would include “Use the hold by your left foot”, “Breathe”, “Rest now”, or “Use the hold around the corner”. Only competition officials may speak to climbers between the time they enter the isolation area and their climbing round is complete.



Registration for Local 1 at True North Climbing closes tomorrow Tuesday, October 30th at 11:59 pm.  There are NO registrations accepted past the cut-off.
Saturday, November 3rd: D and E athletes
Sunday,  November 4th: C athletes


More information here.


Upcoming C, D and E Category Bouldering Local 1

REMINDER: The first OCF Local Boulder Comp for C, D and E category is next weekend!

Saturday, November 3rd: D and E athletes
Sunday,  November 4th: C athletes
Registration closes on Tuesday, October 30th at 11:59 pm. There are NO registrations accepted past the cut-off.


Important Details about True North Climbing:


Everyone entering the gym MUST sign a waiver, including spectators. Minors need their waivers filled out by their parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be found online here: Adults will be asked to show identification when verbally confirming their electronic waiver at the gym.



7:30 Check In opens –  E Girls and Boys
8:15 Competitor Briefing – E Girls and Boys
8:30 Climbing starts – E Girls and Boys
10:00 Climbing ends –  E Girls and Boys
10:15 Certificates – E Girls and Boys
10:30 Check In – D Girls 
11:15 Competitor Briefing – D Girls
11:30 Climbing starts –  D Girls
12:30 Check In – D Boys   
1:00 Climbing ends –  D Girls
1:15 Competitor Briefing – D Boys
1:30 Results/Awards –  D Girls
1:30 Climbing starts –  D Boys
3:00 Climbing ends –  D Boys
3:30 Results/Awards –  D Boys
7:30 Iso opens – C Girls
8:20 Judges Briefing
8:30 Iso closes – C Girls
8:35 Technical Meeting
9:00 Climbing starts – C Girls
2:00 Climbing ends – C Girls
2:15 Results/Awards – C Girls
12:15 Iso opens – C Boys
1:00 Judges Briefing
1:15 Iso closes – C Boys
1:20 Technical Meeting
1:45 Climbing starts – C Boys
5:45 Climbing ends – C Boys
6:00 Results/Awards – C Boys
NOTE: This schedule is provisional only and some times may change once registration numbers are final. The Official Schedule and Running Orders will be posted on Wednesday October 31st.