Details for Speed Event/AGM

We hope everyone will join us at Hub Mississauga this Saturday May 11th.

If you have not been to Hub Mississauga please complete the online waiver. Any first-time visitors will also also need to complete a facility orientation when you arrive at the Hub.

If you want to climb for the day, please keep in mind the following information:

Boulder – a complete bouldering orientation must be completed (if you have done this at Markham you will be good)

Top-Rope or Lead –  you must book a spot online  for a  test Saturday or in advance if possible (tests must be booked a minimum 24 hours in advance)

All members are welcome!

Final Reminder – OCF Annual General Meeting

The OCF will hold its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the election of new Directors, at 1:00 pm on May 11th 2019 at Hub Climbing in Mississauga, Ontario. Please see our April 10th announcement for full details. We hope to see you there.

Below are introductions to the six (6) OCF members who are running for election to fill the four (4) Board of Director positions coming open as of June 1, 2019. 

Shaun Hunter 

Shaun started working in the climbing industry in 2006 at Toronto Climbing Academy where he began instructing youth in the recreational programs. In 2010 he moved to True North Climbing where he created the youth recreational program and competitive youth team. He was the head coach at True North until 2017, and was also the head route setter from 2013 to 2017. In the competition scene, he has been involved countless times as a route setter, competition organizer, problem judge, and as an open competitor. In 2015, 2017, and 2018, Shaun was selected to be an Assistant Coach for the Canadian Youth National Team. Shaun also represented Canada at 4 World Cups in the 2015 season. As a route setter, he has helped set over 50 competitions from the provincial to the national level. 

Shaun has served two full terms (4 years) as the Secretary of the Ontario Climbing Federation as one of the Board of Directors. Shaun has been instrumental in big changes made over the past couple years to how the board organizes the competition season, standards for how gyms are selected to host, and introducing new ways to deal with the growth of athletes in the OCF series at competitions. 

On top of all of Shaun’s volunteer work with the OCF he brings a unique point of view being an open athlete and the only board member and nominee with a vast amount of coaching and route setting experience at the national level which gives a lot of perspective and insight to the board. 

Neil Felder 

Neil became involved with climbing when a friend invited him to come out to a local climbing gym several years ago.  He was drawn to the challenge and excitement of bouldering and has participated at different climbing gyms since then.   

Neil’s experience as a risk and insurance advisor for the sport and recreation industry would provide the OCF with a board member that has experience implementing risk-management best practices in similar organizations and can play a vital role in the growth of the sport of climbing in Ontario.  Neil would like to serve as a valuable member of the OCF board because he is an advocate for promoting and building a safe environment for participants and recreation providers, and believes that the OCF can be the leaders and serve as the voice for the Ontario climbing industry.  

Neil has previously served as a Big Brother within Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto (BBBST) between 2015-2018 and is the proud father of a 16-month old daughter with his wonderful wife Daniela.  Neil enjoys playing tennis, cycling, and hiking in addition to his enjoyment of climbing/bouldering.  

Sharon Vukojevic 

I would like to submit my name for election to the OCF Board of Directors.  I have been an active volunteer with the OCF for the past 6 years as a judge and for the 2019 competition season as a head judge for 3 OCF events. 

As a parent of two competition climbers, I have a long term interest in the further development of the board and would like to play an active role in the next evolution of the board and its athletes. 

With the massive growth of rock climbing and the direction that the CEC is taking with athlete development, I feel that we are at an important juncture where we have the perfect opportunity to help further the development of our athletes to support them to compete at the highest levels possible.  

Thank you for the consideration. 

Elina Avramova 

I have been a competition climber in Ontario for the past two seasons and previously, I resided and competed in British Columbia. I have been competing at a National level for over 3 years and have had high national rankings in Lead, which also provided me with the opportunity to compete and represent Canada internationally in Briancon, France in 2017. Outside of climbing, I work for a National non-for-profit organization in a portfolio coordination role. I have experience with planning and implementing events and programs while working in collaboration with staff and volunteers.  

I am very passionate about competition climbing and would love the opportunity to be involved in a different capacity that can support all OCF athletes in their development. As a current OCF member, I understand the challenges of the past year with the ever changing nature of competition climbing in Canada. I believe that my skills, knowledge and experience can assist the Board in growing with the CEC, and continue to inspire other OCF members to be part of the competition climbing community.  

Manh Ellis 

I’ve been competing out of Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa for about seven years and have represented Canada numerous times as an athlete in countries such as Russia, Italy, Austria and China. I compete in Lead, Speed and Bouldering in equal capacity, and believe they deserve equal attention. When I’m not competing, I am helping to run competitions, either through judging or volunteering. I have a role as a coach for all ages at my gym, where the next generation is found. Because of my involvement in high level competition, I make sure to stay up to date in the rules and regulations of our sport. Also, my time spent working with coaches and athletes around Canada has helped me develop a personal network of connections that let me hear feedback quickly. 

What I bring to the OCF is a fresh perspective of a competitor and non parent figure, as well as adding location diversity to the federation. With the rise of more teams competing from far outside the GTA, I understand the difficulties of constant travel. I believe that showing representation from places out of the GTA is something that the board has lacked, but that I can help. Furthermore, my personal investment in the sport provides a strong motivation for me to put my time towards improving the competitive climbing in Ontario, and I believe it demonstrates my commitment to the sport. I’d like to improve Ontario athletes’ development opportunities which will help give results we want. Through my experience climbing, learning and observing world class athletes, gyms and coaches, I offer an important athlete’s perspective on sports development that few others can give. 

Rahul Sapra 

Rahul is a competitive climber who has represented Canada at several lead and boulder world cups and holds back to back OCF Men’s Open Series titles. Rahul’s passion for the sport expands beyond competing. This past February, he traveled to Montreal to volunteer at the CEC Youth Bouldering Nationals. In addition, Rahul started and continues to organize the “Battle of the Basement,” a unique bouldering competition that has expanded to a nationwide 3-competition series. On top of the time and effort he puts into training, Rahul is pursuing an Honours Business Administration degree at the Richard Ivey School of business, where he has extensively studied operations management, business strategy, and corporate governance. 

Reminder: 2018/2019 OCF AGM

Reminder of the Ontario Climbing Federation’s 2019 AGM and call for nominations for election to the Board of Directors

The OCF will be holding its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the election of Board of Director members, on Saturday May 11th, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the Hub Climbing in Mississauga, Ontario. The meeting and election will take place in conjunction with the OCF Speed event.

Speed Event

In order to meet the CEC’s new eligibility criteria for Speed Nationals, the OCF Speed/AGM Event that was planned for May 11th will now serve as the official qualifier for Ontario athletes who want to compete in Speed at Nationals.

All members are more than welcome to participate regardless of whether you are seeking a qualification for Speed Nationals or not.

OCF Speed/AGM Event

Date: Saturday May 11, 2019
Cost: $25.00 (includes a day pass to Hub Climbing Mississauga)
Location: Hub Climbing, 3636 Hawkestone Rd Unit 1, Mississauga 

Please register here   

Provisional Schedule

  • 9:15 am – Check-in
  • 10:00 am – Climbing starts (Open/Jr/A/B categories)
  • 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm OCF Annual General Meeting
  • 2:30 pm – Climbing (C category)
  • 4:00 pm – Event wrap up

Final Running Orders and Schedule will be posted after the close of registration.

Registration will be open until Sunday, April 28th at 11:59 pm.  

Important information for those seeking to qualify for Speed Nationals:

  • Open athletes: there are no quotas in place for open categories; however open athletes must attend the event in order to qualify for Speed Nationals.
  • Youth athletes: the OCF has been given a quota of 8 athletes per age/gender category. We will fill this quota with the top eight athletes in each category (who are interested in attending Nationals) based on the results of this event. It is important that athletes identify whether they wish to be considered for Speed Nationals so that we choose our roster only from those who plan to attend Nationals if selected.
  • Open athletes who have competed internationally within the previous 20 months (Pan Am Championships, World Cup) are automatically qualified for Speed Nationals and are exempt from the above requirements.
  • Athletes who are eligible for a Special Invitation (see CEC post dated April 17th) must apply directly to the CEC by the deadline of April 30th.
  • For more information on the CEC’s new provincial quotas and qualifying requirements policy, please see the CEC post dated March 27th
  • Note: We have secured an extension of the CEC Speed National registration deadline for Ontario athletes until after the May 11th event

Difficulty Provincials Running Orders and Official Schedule

OFFICIAL Schedule – Saturday

7:30 am Check in and warmup area opening (A/Jr/Open and C)
7:45 am Coach’s Technical Meeting
8:25 am Judge’s Briefing
9:00 am Qualifiers Start (Q1 & Q2 running simultaneously)
12:30 pm Check in and warmup area opening (B & D)
1:00 pm Coach’s Technical Meeting
1:25 pm Judges Briefing
2:00 pm Qualifiers Start (Q1 & Q2 running simultaneously)

OFFICIAL Schedule – Sunday

8:00 am Iso opens
9:00 am Iso closes
9:30 am Semi-Final Round
2:00 pm Iso opens
3:00 pm Iso closes
3:30 pm Final Round

Parking Map

Notice of the OCF’s 2019 AGM and call for nominations for election to the Board of Directors

The OCF will be holding its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the election of Board of Director members, on May 11th 2019 at the Hub Climbing in Mississauga, Ontario. The meeting and election will take place in conjunction with the OCF Speed event.

OCF Board and positions up for election

OCF members elect the directors that form the Board. The OCF Board normally consists of seven elected directors, each serving a two year term. The terms are offset such that the terms of three or four directors end each spring. Four director positions are coming up for election this year. The directors elected at this year’s AGM will commence a two year term starting June 1st 2019. The remaining three Board members each have one year remaining in their terms. The current board members, their terms, and their current roles this past year are listed at

Eligibility for election, the nomination process, and the deadline for nomination

Any adult member of the OCF in good standing is eligible for election. Nominations are by personal declaration of the candidate member. In order to help our membership make an informed choice, the Board asks those who wish to nominate themselves to email our Registrar at Nominees are asked to include a brief statement describing their background, highlighting their skills relevant to being a member of the board, and why they wish to join the OCF Board. All nominations and statements must be received on or before April 27th at 11:59pm so that they can be included on the OCF web site and Facebook page, as well as made available to those eligible to vote the day of the election. Each candidate will be given an opportunity to make a brief statement before voting takes place on May 11th 2019.

Voting process including proxy voting authorization

Voting will be by secret ballot. All Adult members as of Friday, May 10th, 2018 are entitled to one ballot. Child members (those under 18) may not vote, but may give their proxy to their parent or legal guardian to exercise on their behalf. Furthermore, adult members who are not able to attend the meeting but would like to assign their vote to another adult member may do so by completing and signing the proxy voting authorization form. The signed proxy voting authorization form must be presented by the member who will be voting when they register for the AGM. (Proxy form attached below).

Voting ballot

Each ballot will contain up to four votes for candidates to fill the four positions up for election. The Registrar will tally the votes and announce/post the results.


Ontario Climbing Federation
Annual General Meeting
May 11, 2019
@ The Hub Climbing, Mississauga, ON

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Approval of minutes of 2018 AGM
  3. Summary of Annual Report to Members including year to date financial report
  4. Election of new Directors
  5. Other Business

Below are the Proxy Authorization form, meeting minutes for last years AGM and the 2017/2018 Annual Report to Members.

Provincials Eligibility and Provisional Schedule

Registration is now open for all eligible athletes for OCF Difficulty Provincials at Altitude Gym in Gatineau, Quebec on April 20th/21st 2019.

Below are the lists of the top 20 Ontario Youth athletes that are eligible to compete.

As per our Rules:

  • the top 20 youth athletes in each category qualify to compete at Provincial Championships
  • to be eligible for the top 20, a youth athlete must be an Ontario resident (regardless of citizenship)
  • the top 20 rankings are based on each athlete’s single best result at a local Difficulty competition
  • in ranking the top 20, we have adjusted results from each local to exclude non-Ontario athletes

Any Open competitor is eligible to compete at OCF Difficulty Provincials, whether or not you have competed at a local event.

Canadian citizens without a PSO and non-resident Foreign Nationals may also compete. Please contact the registrar at

Registration can be completed here (

Note: Invitations will NOT be issued to athletes. It is the athlete/parent’s responsibility to register for Provincials before the deadline of Tuesday April 16th at 11:59 pm. NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED PAST THE CUTOFF TIME.


07:30 Check in and warmup area opening
09:00 Qualifiers C M&F, AJO M&F Q1 and Q2 
14:00 Qualifiers B M&F, D M&F Q1 and Q2 
08:00-09:00 Iso opens and closes
09:30 Semi final round
14:30-15:30 Iso opens and closes
16:00 Final round

The official schedule & running orders will be posted on Wednesday April 17th.



Each category will have 2 designated qualifier routes, and competitors have one attempt only on each route. Points per hold scoring is used. D & C categories climb on top rope. B, A, Jr & Open categories lead climb. There is no ISO area for this round; competitors get to watch a route demo (live or on video loop) before the round begins and competitors are allowed to watch each other climb. The top 12 after qualifiers in each youth category advance to semi-finals (non-Ontario residents are extra quota for youth categories). 


Each category will have one designated semi-final route, and competitors have one attempt only on the route. Points per hold scoring is used. Competitors remain in isolation until their attempt and may not watch each other climb. Competitors get an observation period to view their final route before the round begins. The top 8 semi-finalists in each youth category advance to finals (non-Ontario residents are extra quota for youth categories). 


Each category will have one designated final route. Finalists have one attempt only on the route. Points per hold scoring is used. Finalists remain in isolation until their attempt and may not watch each other climb. Finalists get an observation period to view their final route before the round begins.


Volunteers are needed for this comp. Please contact if you are able to provide support.

Results from Open/Jr/A/B/C Local # 2

Difficulty Local # 2 for  Open, Junior and Youth A, B and C athletes was held this past weekend.
Thanks to host gym Junction Climbing Centre in London for an excellent event.  Thanks also to all volunteers, judges and participants! Congratulations to all of our podium finishers:

Youth C

1HO, JacquelineSETO, Nathan
2TAYLOR, MadeleineMACLEOD, Cole
3BRIGGS, EvangelinaPHILLIPS, Jonah

Youth B

1PARK, SydneySMITH, Dylan

Youth A

1PARK, EstelleSCHAEFER, Faolan


1YING, YinkiJUDGE, Kyle
2SVAIKAUSKAS, StephanieHAIGHT, Mitchell
3LANZA, HeatherENGLAND, Seth


2PROSSER, CharleBALSEZ, Florent
3ROBSON, RachelMARTIN, Justin