Board Meeting September 10, 2016

An OCF board meeting was held Saturday, September 10th at 1:00 p.m. in Toronto

Attendees: Lorraine Winger, Gillian Wyett, Shaun Hunter, Kellen Tapley, Sheila Marks, Kari Robson.

Summary of motions passed:


Adjustment to rules to clarify how points will be awarded in cases of unbreakable ties. In cases of unbreakable ties at a competition, series points shall be awarded equally to the tied competitors taking into account the placements held by the competitors involved (i.e. – if two athletes tie for third place, they will be awarded the point value equal to the sum of points awarded to third place and fourth place divided by two.)
Purchase of 15 handheld timers for use at Difficulty competitions To purchase 15 handheld timers to be used by judges at our difficulty competitions.
Adjustment to rules to specify how the OCF will deal with an athlete with a membership in another PSO who wants to compete in an OCF local event (as the OCF no longer sells day passes) Athletes who do not reside in Ontario are exempt from the preceding rules regarding eligibility as long as they have a current competitive climbing membership from either their home province PSO, the CEC or a National Federation that belongs to the IFSC. (The purpose of this exemption is to allow athletes from provinces without a PSO or Foreign Nationals an opportunity to qualify for Youth Nationals via their placement in a PSO organized Provincial Championship, as well as to allow athletes from other PSOs in compete in OCF local competitions.)
Use of remaining surplus from the 2015/16 series The remaining surplus from the 2015/16 series to be divided among youth and open climbers from Ontario who are going to the world championships in China in November 2016, and who have attended a world cup event in the 2016 season.


Other issues discussed:

  • CEC update
  • Chair’s update
  • Finance update
  • Head judge schedule for the series
  • Sponsorship committee

The next meeting will be held on Saturday October 15, at 9:00am in Toronto.