Board Meeting: October 5th, 2014

The OCF Board met on Sunday October 5th, 2014 at 2 p.m., in Toronto, ON.

Attending: Gillian Wyett, Sheila Marks, Malek Taleb, Tim Vince (by phone), Kari Robson, John Gross and Lorraine Winger were present.

Scott Murray had resigned from the Board. The Board appointed Kellen Tapley to fill the vacant position. Gillian Wyett volunteered to take over as Secretary and the Board voted to accept that offer. The Board thanks Scott Murray for his contributions during his time on the board.

Kari Robson reported on the Board’s finances. A few cheques issued to gyms from last season’s competitions have finally been cashed, which helps us balance out the accounts. The Board voted to approve online banking access for the Treasurer to assist in her work.

Gillian Wyett is coordinating the work required for our annual filings (tax return, corporate information, changes to Directors). The Board voted to set May 31st as our financial year end going forward.

Tim Vince gave a report on the CEC:

  • The Ontario National Series Bouldering event will be in conjunction with the Tour de Bloc competition at Joe Rockheads in Toronto on March 7th, 2015.
  • The Ontario National Series Difficulty event has not yet been scheduled.
  • The Bloc Shop in Montreal will host the Open Bouldering National Chamionship on March 21/22 2015.
  • The CEC is close to finalizing the provincial quotas for eligibility for each Youth National Championship.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op will be a major sponsor of the CEC this year, contributing funds to help support competitive climbing.

The Board discussed some details of the coming OCF Youth Series

  • We are considering organizing climbing sessions at future local comps by gender instead of by category, as this will result in a more even split of climbers, and be easier to keep track of.
  • The Board is considering offering an honorarium to Head Judges, to partly compensate them for their out-of-pocket expenses at competitions. A decision on this was deferred pending review of this year’s budget, so it’s clear what the organization can afford.
  • Given a quota of climbers that Ontario can send to each Youth National Championship (the number yet to be confirmed by the CEC), the Board decided to choose those representatives as follows:
    • All but one spot will be determined by the ranking of athletes at the Provincial Championship in the corresponding discipline.
    • The Board reserves the right to choose an athlete to fill the last spot. Normally this will also be determined by ranking at the Provincial Championship in the corresponding discipline, but the Board may vote to choose another athlete based on significant extenuating circumstances. This “wild card” selection will be used at most once per category. Should additional spots become open, due to chosen candidates deciding not to attend Nationals, or quota spots being transferred from another Province, additional selections will be made by proceeding down the rankings from the Provincial Championship in the corresponding discipline.