Board Meeting: October 5th, 2014

The OCF Board met on Sunday October 5th, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., in Toronto, ON.

Attending:  Gillian Wyett, Sheila Marks, Malek Taleb, Tim Vince (by phone), Kari Robson, John Gross, and Lorraine Winger were present.

Scott Murray has resigned from the board. The board voted to appoint Kellen Tapley to fill the open position for the remainder of the term. The Board wishes to thank Scott Murray for his service during his time on the board.

Gillian Wyett was appointed to the position of Secretary.

Treasurer Kari Robson reported on finances. The outstanding checks have now all cleared, and Kari has been working hard to complete our annual tax return. The board approved a motion to allow the Treasurer to use internet banking, rather than waiting for monthly statements to arrive to stay on top of the finances.

Gillian Wyett updated the board on the organization’s filing requirements as a non-profit organization, and is working to complete all outstanding filings (tax return, corporate return, updates on changes in directors). Our financial year-end is now set at May 31 of each year.

Tim Vince updated the board on the CEC’s progress, including the dates of various national-level competitions (now posted on the CEC’s web site).

The Board discussed splitting the field at the upcoming bouldering competition at The Junction by gender: boys in the morning and girls in the afternoon. This will give us an even split of competitors, as well as a good spread of climbers across the range of problems.

The Board decided on how to choose which Ontario Youth climbers advance to each National Championship:

The climbers who finish in the top seven positions at the OCF Provincial Championship of that discipline will be invited to register for the National Championship. The final position will normally go to the 8th ranked climber, but the Board reserves the right to award that final spot to a climber who is unable to compete at the Provincial Championship due to illness, injury or other significant extenuating circumstances. It is expected that this “wild card” option would be very rarely used, and used at most once per category.