Board meeting: October 18, 2015

An OCF board meeting was held on

Sunday, October 18 2015, at 6:30 p.m. in Toronto

  • Attendees: Kellen Tapley, Shaun Hunter, Gillian Wyett, Lorraine Winger,
    Sheila Marks, Jeff Whattam, and Kari Robson. Regrets: None.


Issues discussed:

  • Financial report.
  • CEC update.
  • Plans for the 2015/2016 season including:

– overview of the plans for the first local competition to be held at Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa on November 7;

– decision that the Ontario National Series Open Bouldering event will be held at True North Climbing Gym in Toronto on January 30, 2016;

– decision that at OCF Difficulty events, Youth A, Junior and Open athletes will compete on the same route so that their scores can be compared for the Open ranking.  Medals will be awarded based on each category.

  • Discussion regarding insurance coverage.
  • Discussion of a proposed coaches’ code of conduct.
  • Discussion regarding the loaning of the OCF’s video system.
  • Discussion regarding the structures established by other sports organizations.


Date of next board meeting will be Sunday, November 15th at 6:45pm.