Board Meeting: November 9th, 2014

An OCF board meeting was held on Sunday, November 9th at 1:00 p.m.

Attendees: John Gross, Kari Robson, Kellen Tapley, Lorraine Winger, Jeff Wattham, Malek Taleb, Sheila Marks, Gillian Wyett- Regrets: Tim Vince

Summary of motions passed during the meeting:

Judges’ honorariums The OCF to offer an honorarium to each Head Judge who presides at an OCF-sanction competition. The honorarium is intended to somewhat compensate the Head Judge for their out-of-pocket expenses (primarily gas and hotel) incurred in the course of their duties, not as a salary for the hours they contribute. The amount to be offered will be:

  • $50 per session over which the Head Judge officiates
  • an additional $50 per night if the Head Judge needs to stay overnight in a hotel, in order to do their job, due to distance to the competition site.

A session is defined as any of the following:

  • a scramble round for a subset of categories
  • a qualifying round
  • a semi-final round
  • a final round
  • a half-day of any other format

So the total offered would be $100 for a single-day local (two sessions) when the Head Judge does not need to stay overnight, and $300 for a two-day Provincial Championship (four sessions) for which a Head Judge needs to spend two nights in a hotel.

When two people share the role of Head Judge, they can decide how to share the offered honorarium.

Purchase of accessories to support the video system The OCF to approve Kari Robson purchasing accessories needed to support the video review system, including extra cable, crimping tool, and end pieces. The expected cost is approximately $200.
OCF coaching memberships For the OCF, coaches must pay $10 for a provincial coaching membership.
OCF rankings of CEC members  and invitations to competitors to fill the Ontario PSO quota for the National Open Team CEC members who purchase their memberships through the OCF to be ranked based on their best single performance at an Open National Series event sanctioned in that discipline. Invitations will be issued to competitors based on rankings and continued until up to the quota has been filled. The quota will be filled by Canadian citizens who are Ontario residents. Proof of residency and citizenship will be required as part of the invitation process.
Cost to Open competitors to compete in OCF sanctioned events Open competitors who compete in OCF sanctioned events must pay $5 per event.

Other issued discussed:

  • Kari Robson presented an update on OCF finances. Membership and competition attendance are both up, bringing in more revenue than past years. We are awaiting clarification of the amount owing to the CEC for National memberships sold through the OCF.
  • Gillian Wyett updated the board on the status of the financial reporting filing requirements for the OCF. All such information and returns will be sent into the Canada Revenue Agency by the end of November as required.
  • John Gross presented a CEC update on behalf of Tim Vince. The CEC has agreed on a number of policies and quotas, which have been posted on the CEC website. Plans are almost finalized for the PanAms youth team. The CEC is also still working on an Open Team selection process, which is close to being done. Some elite athletes such as Sean McColl have had some input to the policy. The CEC has agreed to apply to the IFSC to host a bouldering World Cup event in Canada for three years (2015-2017).
  • Date for next meeting set for Sunday December 7 at 4:00pm in Toronto.