Board Meeting: May 24th, 2015

An OCF board meeting was held on Sunday May 24 at 7:00 pm in Toronto

  • Attendees: John Gross, Kellen Tapley, Sheila Marks, Jeff Whattam, Lorraine Winger, Gillian Wyett, Kari Robson, Shaun Hunter (incoming board member) Regrets: none

Summary of motions passed:

Awards and prizes for Provincials Chair moves that we allocate prizes as follows for our Series winners:

  • 1st place in each category gets the Ontario cup and a Champions Pass
  • 2nd place gets a $30 MEC gift card
  • 3rd place gets a $20 MEC gift card
OCF representative to the CEC Proposal to ask Tim Vince to continue on as the OCF’s representative to the CEC for the 2015/2016 series to ensure continuity on that board as well as for the OCF. For future years, the position will be put up for application to all OCF members and a decision made by the OCF board as to who to offer the position to
New executive Consensus that the following individuals will assume the following executive positions:

  • Chair – Gillian Wyett
  • Vice-Chair – Jeff Whattam
  • Registrar – Sheila Marks
  • Treasurer – Kari Robson
  • Secretary – Shaun Hunter
  • CEC Representative – Tim Vince
  • Lorraine will continue to be the volunteer coordinator.
  • Kellen will continue in his role as tour director (liaison with the gyms) and technical delegate.


Other issues discussed:

  • Kari Robson presented an update on OCF finances.
  • An update from Tim Vince regarding CEC activities was reviewed.
  • Discussion regarding the last competitions of the season (Difficulty Provincials, Difficulty Nationals) as well as the status of the IFSC World Cup Athletes Dinner and event.
  • Discussion regarding preliminary plans for the next season.
  • Selection of the executive for the 2015/2016 board (see above under summary of motions passed)/
  • Brief discussion of the responses received to the OCF member survey.
  • Brief discussion of the growth projections for competitive sports climbing in Ontario.
  • Date of the next meeting will be June 13 at 1:00pm.