Board Meeting: May 11, 2013

The OCF held a Board Meeting on Saturday, May11/13 in Oakville On.

Board members John Gross, Sheila Marks, Stephen Marks. Julia Bonnell, Jeff Whattam, Lorraine Winger and Tim Vince attended the meeting in person and Jody Miall attended by Skype.

The Board discussed a number of issues, including the following items:

Financial Report.- Jeff reported that we are in good shape financially and once all membership funds have been paid to the ACC etc. and other outstanding expenses that we will have the money($2200) on hand to pay next year’s insurance

Update on ACC/CEC/OCF situation. –Tim reported that not much has changed-work in progress.

Debrief on Provincial Difficulty Championships- needs to be 2 days with the number of competitors we had.

Debrief on OCF Youth Series/Season.- Registration system had a few glitches with waivers for gym, OCF,CEC etc. so will need to try and work things out differently –need two shifts of registration esp if climbers are split into 2 shifts due to numbers of participants –lots of competitors taking part in every comp

Debrief on CEC Eastern Regionals.-well run-caught unaware of On climbers’ ability but made adjustments for semis and finals.

Progress report on OCF involvement organizing dinner in IFSC Bouldering WC event was given.

New business raised by the Board Members in attendance.-need to come up with a document for parents and athletes for next season e.g. “Welcome to the OCF Series” and the explanation etc of the season, registration for comps etc

Date for next meeting.— Monday June 10th   in Burlington  at 7pm